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Welcome to MyPrayer Ministries

MyPrayer Ministries is all about caring for one another, it's all about praying for each other and it's all about prayer, sharing our faith, our testimonies and the great, great living God we serve. The reason for MyPrayer is to provide a way for people across the world who are in need of prayer, a chance to share their Prayer Requests on the website for everybody to read and pray together for God's help and assistance in the matter. It doesn't matter how big or small the request, we all surely know that our Heavenly Father will always answer our prayers and fulfill our needs.

Together We'll Make a Difference

We will stand together and seek God's face in every circumstance, no matter what the situation, our God is much bigger than any situation and His caring Love is our comfort...we are more than conquerors in the Name of Jesus! "I have but only a slingshot and a stone but then, I know it's enough to break the enemy's scull...I will step forward in faith for Jesus is ALIVE.