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image 5 has been started by Francois Zietsman as a free web site for those in need of prayer, comfort, motivation and encouragement, etc. So many people out there want to reach out for one another, and need to gather as one in prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This web site was more than just an idea. It was something God Laid on my heart as a calling towards a prayer ministry, as I am a Child of God and Believe in the power of prayer. all about caring for one another, it's all about praying for each other and it's all about sharing our faith, our testimonies and the great, great living God we serve.

I started an e-mail prayer request for my nephew (Danie van Rooyen) on the 25th of June 2007, and it so happened that this e-mail traveled the world so to speak, and prayer promises started to come in. People's hearts and hands were open and we were so blessed and encouraged by every message. Danie was miraculously healed by our Lord Jesus Christ, even the doctors were amazed, and I believe that God answered everyone's prayer. After a while, requests for prayer came in from all over the world, desperate people who also had a deep need, and that is when God spoke to me and set my mind on a vision that led to opening this web site to a broken world out there. We, as the body of Christ, can all become part of this ministry by keeping this website alive. Let us take hands and participate in a calling that God had in mind for me as an invalid. I, myself can testify in the power of prayer in my own life's experience. There is nothing as powerful as prayer, but most of all our Lord Jesus Christ. After all, it's through prayer that we can talk to God, and God hears every prayer and answers in His time.

I am currently in a wheelchair and can therefore not go out into the world to tell people the 'good news' or to share in people's requests but, it is possible to accomplish what God has planned for me by doing it via my website. Thank you for being part of the 'greater picture' than just our own little kingdom - let's enrich God's Kingdom by praying and reaching out!

We will stand together and seek God's face in every circumstance, no matter what the problem, our God is much bigger than any situation and His caring Love is our comfort...we are more than conquerors in the Name of Jesus. The sweetest Name I know. "I have but only a slingshot and a stone but then, I know it's enough to break the enemy's scull...I will step forward in faith for our God is ALIVE, yes, POWERFUL is HE!