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I was born in 1972, a normal and very healthy boy, finished my first school year in Vanderbijlpark after which we moved to Viljoenskroon in the Free State. We were 5 children of which I was the 4th. My 2nd school year I then started in Viljoenskroon...and in that year, 1980, my life has been changed dramatically.

We were involved in a motor accident and I was badly hurt, although, it was only face injuries. My face was actually torn from my scull and 3\4 hung upside down on my jaw was broken in 3 places, my cheekbone was crushed as well as my eye bone and my right eye was torn out of the eye-pit, my right ear was torn off my face. I was cut right from behind my right ear, 1 mm from my brain, across my face to the left cheek, cuts on my chin all total, I had 147 stitches in order to have all the pieces put together again.

I fell out of the Toyota Hi-Ace van when it started rolling and we just assume that some part of the vehicle struck me in the face to cause all the damage done. We lived on a farm just outside of town and were on our way from school when it all happened. My mother, my eldest sister, my youngest brother and I, was in the accident...a front wheel burst on the gravel road and my Mom lost control. Seeing that the farms were quite a distance from one another, there was nobody in sight at the scene. A black man eventually came pass with a tractor and my sister jumped on the tractor and asked him to take her to the nearest farm, which he did, when in the meantime, another farmer, the Gholf player Fulten Allem's brother, came by and saw us. He immediately got us in his car to take us to town where my father was at the father already got the message from my sisters call and was on his way to us at the same time, so, halfway to town we met our father and from there we went to the nearest hospital which was in Klerksdorp.

We found them waiting for us at the hospital, as the doctor from Viljoenskroon phoned them, but the staff that were supposed to help us out of the car, ran away when they saw me and called for a porter to take me inn. The doctors soon realized that they could do nothing to help me, but only to give me a blood-transfusion for the meantime and sent me off to Johannesburg by ambulance. I was immediately admitted to theater where they did the operation that lasted for about 11 hours...just to try and fix my face injuries and more or less put every torn part together again to the best of their ability. When I eventually woke up after the operation, I had this massive framework over my face, fixed with screws to my scull to keep everything in place. My face was swollen to more or less twice the size than normal and I had a tracheotomy in my throat to breath as my nose was altogether crushed. The doctors removed quite a bit of little splints of bone out of my throat, caused by all the injuries. It was a very traumatic experience for both my parents, I and my family, but we were so thankful that I survived and we gave all the glory to God for the doctors had no hope.

I did not realize then, but today I know that everything happened according to God's plan for He knew that I was to work for Him (Kingdom-work) and He prepared me for such a task as my ministry that I am involved now through My Prayer website that I created. The Lord does not want us to be hurt in any way, but He sometimes allow things to happen and then turns it into a blessing for His glory only. The enemy so dearly wanted to steel my life from me more than once, but God was in control and performed miracles. The doctors told my parents that I would not make it and that they have to expect the worse, but again, God is faithful, loving and Almighty where it concerns His parents consistently prayed and trusted God to intervene, which He did in His own time. So many people asked the very familiar question: "How can a Loving God allow such a thing to happen?" I actually thought so myself and there were many questions unanswered for many years that I struggled with. It was not easy to except my situation, to be amongst people and children in school with my scared face, because the children at school mocked me time and again...I was so hurt by people's reactions towards me that I would hide in my room whenever people came to our house...I refused to go out in the open other than going to school, which I knew I had to. It was very difficult for me to associate but my parents and family were very supportive all the way to try and make it a little easier, but still I withdrew and sulked in the quite.