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A while after the operation - I was still in hospital, when I developed a very high fever. So much that they had to cover me with ice. The doctors did not know what caused these terrible fever attacks and constantly did tests and then came to the conclusion that, maybe a wrong blood-transfusion in Klerksdorp, my system would not respond and rejected the blood. Eventually I was released from hospital but had to go back so many times for tests and also as a guinea-pig for the new students. My body ached from time to time and sometimes I cried at night, although I was back in school, very unhappy at the time, for I was sore and the kids ignored me and I just thought that nothing is going well for me.

About 2 years after the accident, I experienced stiffness in my body and I found it difficult to stand up when I was sitting or lying in bed and I suffered much pain in my joints all over. I was admitted in a hospital in Pretoria for 6 months. They did the one test after the other to eventually find out that I had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and it was not known to happen at such young is something one would regard to the aged. The doctors were once again so confused and actually shocked by the realization and also declared that it could only be because of the wrong blood I received after the accident. There were much talking about the "golden injection" which was very effective when Arthritis of this sort, was discovered at a early stage, but the doctors were not in favor of giving it to me at such a young age...(I was 10 years of age at the time)

My body was in pain, severe pain and I could not bare the pain and cried myself to sleep each night. My parents had to set the clock to turn me on the other side during the night, every 2 hours they changed my position...I was so stiff and in so much pain, I could not do it myself. My joints slowly but surely started to cripple and the doctors then splinted my knees and arms, hands etc. to try and prevent the crippling, but it did not help much. I had school lessons while I was in hospital, but it became difficult to handle a pen because of the stiffening of my fingers. (Today I can do almost anything quite normal despite the crippling; thanks to God and His was a long, long way to here)

Eventually I was released from hospital after 6 months, where a very difficult time in my life started. I suffered much pain all over...I had to take Aspirin tablets every 6 hours for the pain and stiffness. Nothing really helped, the Arthritis just had to go its the doctors said that Juvenile Arthritis burns out in about 6 to 8 years, the damage however, is permanent and there's nothing to do about it. In spite of all the operations and hospitalizations, I finished my metric successfully and although it was almost unbearable years, it became a little easier as from Grade10 and I had quite a few genuine friends. Through all the difficulties, I still moved on with my life, determined to make a success of my life. I qualified myself as a computer technician and applied for work at the Vaal Triangle Technikon, which I got and I worked in the Computer Centrum.

I may just mention that in 1991, I was in a accident where I smashed my Dad's car to a total "write off", where again, the enemy wanted to kill me but for God's grace and plan He had for my life, me and two of my friends, survived without any injuries whatsoever. The Arthritis burned out in time, but the damage was done and in 1999, I had a hip-transplant which was successful in the sense that it helped me to walk and move more easily. I got my "normal" drivers license in 1990 and had my own car, also normal. In 2001 I had a knee-transplant which was also successful at the time and within 3 days, I could walk again.

For quite a few years everything went well, but then pain started in my knee, the one that was replaced...the pain was so severe, I could not move, I couldn't even turn myself on the other side in bed. My brother and I lived together at that stage because we had a computer business which we worked from home. The pain started overnight and it was so severe that I phoned my brother to wake him in the other room, just to help me move my leg a centimeter and I actually cried. It just happened overnight and the following morning I had a "fever-rush" all over my body...the pain was indescribable. My brother took me to the local doctor, my blood pressure was very low at the