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time and I was all dizzy. In the consulting room, I received 2 glucose injections and they thought that I had an allergy. I told the doctor that I had never ever been allergic to anything but he insisted that I might have eaten something that caused it, and some allergy medicine was described, after which we went home. Nothing helped and the pain got worse (if that was possible)...I couldn't move or do anything.

The next day I asked my Mother and my brother to take me to Johannesburg Gen. because we realized that something terrible was wrong and I couldn't bare the pain any I said, pain as such....indescribable!! The next morning very early, we went to Johannesburg and I was admitted for some tests. The doctor that did my knee-replacement operation took care of me and it was found that I had bad infection in the knee. The reason for this, my system rejected the knee-prosthesis after several years and that something must be done and the sooner its done, the more chance I have to recover, but they had to consult with the hospital board to get affirmation. The Superintendent was to give the "green-light" for there was a very long waiting list of patients to be operated on with various orthopedic disorders. The pain was so unbearable, I couldn't even tolerate a bed sheet touching my leg and as a result of the pain, I got this terrible muscle spasms, so much so that I could move nothing but my eyes.

I was in hospital for 2 weeks and then discharged with antibiotics and a promise that they would phone me as soon as they had permission to go ahead with the operation, which never happened. For more than 2 months, I was in bed at my sister's house (my Mother, a widow, stayed with them at the time). My whole body was in spasm and my knee started to swell and some fester started dripping out...the swelling developed a small little hole through which the fester was dripping. I went back to Johannesburg Gen for at least 6 times to try and get some was unbearable, but still the same result, nothing they could do unless they had permission, although they realized that my case was very urgent. Once again, I waited in vain, nothing happened....and in the meantime, the infection got so bad the tissue around my knee, started to disembody.

Once again I was in the claws of death and once again God's mercy came through. The infection got so bad and spread right through my body that it infected my transplanted hip as well and again I went to Johannesburg hospital and all they could say was that there were no space and they had not gotten permission yet as to operate, but they will try their best. Every time I had to see another doctor and then they cut the already existing wounds to drain the fester and put a plaster on. For 11 months I survived with all this infection in my body (which was a miracle) for people having this serious infection, usually goes into a septic shock and die. That was another indication that God had plans for my life, for He really carried me through the most traumatic experiences. I was a 100% conscious all the time amidst of the most terrible pain and discomfort, although, overall, I was actually very healthy....the doctors were amazed that I could endure and survive.

I even went on my own to some of the hospital's senior people who then sent me away to see someone else....I just wanted them to see how very serious my problem was and that I could suffer no more. They agreed though, that it was pretty serious but still did nothing to help (maybe they thought I was going to die anyway, so why bother).They all agreed that it was unacceptable but still did nothing and for 11 months we tried to get someone's attention regarding this matter because it was obvious that time was running out on me. Eventually in 2004, I got to see Dr. Kyte from the Johannesburg General...he could not believe his eyes when he saw my condition and the fact that I was alive and "well", except for my knee being rotten away and the infection that had caused it and that I still was alive and conscious...he said that it was an absolute miracle. He then immediately admitted me in hospital and they started tests, x-rays etc. which revealed that 80% of my white blood cells have already collapsed....God's grace for He was in control all the time. According to Dr. Kyte, I should have died during this horrible time...I had a few blood transfusions and many tests done and was scheduled for theater the next week. Dr. Lautenbach came to see me, and then told me honestly that, because of so many white blood cells having died, it was a very risky operation and that it maybe fatal, however, they will do the best they can.