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A year after my operation, I got this terrible pain in my "Hamstring" felt like a muscle cramp and I thought I hurt my Hamstring somewhere without knowing. We used Voltaren ointment, rubbed it in and eventually got some Voltaren injections...even the Physio Therapist came along to massage me and we all thought it was only some muscle problem and that it must just be kept warm. I so desperately wanted to believe that it was only a spasm or a muscle was so sore when I sat in my chair and then I had to lie down for a bit.

So, this went on for about a Mother had to wake up during the night just to cover me with ointment or to message the area because I couldn't sleep, the pain was horrific and this Sunday, week after it started, Dr. Gerhard Bergh (psychologist) visited me. I was surprised to see him for I have worked on his P.C. about twice some time ago, so I thought he had a problem with his computer again. I said to him that if he has a problem, my brother would help him because I am not capable at this stage, to which he said he had no problem, he just had this funny feeling of visiting me to see how things were. He did not know I was in bed but when we told him what the matter was, he just had one look at my "supposed Hamstring"....he then said that he knew nothing about such matters but will phone his son-in-law, who is a surgeon and ask him for some advice. Dr. Bergh visited for about 20 minutes and we chatted about computers and ordinary stuff and then he went off, promising me that he would ask his son-in-law if he could advice some medication to use and that he would visit again. He is also a Christian and I always had a great deal of respect for him and I still believe today, that he was guided by the Holy Spirit to visit me, for he lives about 30 kilometers from us...if that was not ordained by God, then what is?

Dr. Gerhard went off and about half an hour later there was a knock on the brother opened and here stood this man, asking for Francois Zietsman. My brother brought him to my room and he introduced himself as Dr. Ettiene Marais. He said that he had a quick Sunday afternoon-siesta, but Dr. Gerhard woke him up with a urgent request that he should come and have a look at my "supposed Hamstring"...he also was a precious Christian. Doctors do not do house calls anymore but here he was, on a Sunday afternoon, concerned about that not God's working? When he looked at my leg he immediately realized that it was infection again, although he knew nothing about my previous experience. He did nothing, haven't even touched my leg, he just told me to be at his practice the next morning at 7 o'clock, before he opens for consulting. He then went, but after a while came back with a morphine plaster that he placed on my stomach just to help me through the night. The next morning my Mother and my brother took me to the rooms, doctor Marais looked at me sitting in my wheelchair and asked me whether I care for blood and cuts etc. because he has to cut. I replied that I was used to these sort of things and nothing could really scare me anymore. I wangled my body to a position that would make it easy for Dr to work, he took the scalpel and cut while I was looking...the fester that came out was more than 2 kidney-buckets full.

Dr. Marais then had me admitted to our Local hospital, Cormed and did some blood tests which again revealed that 80% of my white blood cells were already dead. He told me that if I waited another few hours, I would be dead as well....most probably I would have died in my sleep and wouldn't even know....he then told me that he had very little hope at first. He immediately started blood-transfusions and antibiotics for more than a week after which I was released and the infection was healed...praise God. There was this very precious sister that came by at our house every day to fix and clean my wounds. I realized again how great our God is and that He never slumbers or sleeps, that He is aware of our every need and that His love is never-ending for He rescued me from death so many times, that He is alive and cares for us.

Four times God saved me from a definite death had it been the enemy's choice, but God is faithful to the one's who belong to Him. I have not always listened to the Masters voice and today I know, He wanted me to move into His plan for my life....then He had to work another way to get my full attention. Even when everything went well with me, I still had my one foot in the world and with one I tried to please Him, although, one could never please God by good works....if not from the depths of ones heart, it doesn't