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mean a should never be "Luke-warm" for that is not pleasing to God. I did not grow spiritually because I did not spend time with the Lord...I always pitied myself being in a wheel-chair and therefore did not go to church. God spoke 4 times, and I was still ignoring the precious voice of my Master....He called me for a specific ministry and I did not recognize the Calling.

23rd of June 2007, my sister's child Daantjie (we were very close) were in a tragic motorcycle accident. His neck was broken, he had 4 fractures, 5 ribs were broken, his pelvis, his knee was broken and he had so many cuts and bruises that one could not believe him surviving, but he survived which was a miracle. I was so deeply hurt by this, because we were so close...he always came to visit my and my Mom, we played computer-games and could chat about almost anything. Holidays, he usually came to stay with us and it was good to have him around. The 25th of June however, he stopped breathing for more than half an hour and he had no heartbeat. He was in the Millpark Trauma ICU....when his Dad phoned us to start praying and I heard him cry like a baby, the Lord once again spoke to me. I wrote a letter to send out by e-mail to about 10 friends....I told them all about the accident and asked them all to pray heart was broken for him. It so happened that my e-mail reached so many people at the end that I was amazed when I realized it reached more than 2500 people by e-mail and they started responding, assuring me of their prayers and deep concern. On a daily basis, I received e-mails, inquiring about Daantjie's situation and reassuring us of their prayers. Once again, God came through miraculously and Daantjie recovered within 3 1\2 weeks time which was so amazing that even the doctors at Millpark, could not believe such a miracle. The 19th of July Daantjie was released from hospital and he could walk!!!!

I sent out "updates" on a weekly basis about his recovery and received so many encouraging messages back and when people realized that Daantjie was healed miraculously, they started sending their prayer requests to me...people knew then that we serve a Living Gracious God and by prayer and trust and the unity of 2 or three in the Name of Jesus, things can happen. Daantjies recovery was such a miracle that people still talk today and got so busy with this e-mail business that I barely had time for myself and my own miseries.

This is where God started dealing with me the plan He had since the beginning of time. He urged me through His Holy Spirit to start a website where people can be reached and for people to reach out to one another, because we live in a very broken world with many broken people who need help, in need of God's healing power and financial difficulties and other needs. Through all of my experience, it took more than 27 years to come to realize what God had planned all along, a Ministry to lead people to the Lord, to encourage and to motivate, to pray and to advice through this wonderful e-mail process. This is where "" started in August first it was just a "local prayer website", but it expanded and exploded in such a way that it became a "Global Ministry". I thank God every day for trusting me with such a wonderful work, to use me as a link to the world out there, to be active in His World, for I am only the clay...He is my Potter...without Him, I am nothing, so all the glory to God.

Today I look back and thank God for His faithfulness during this time, for putting me through ordeals as to draw my attention to His bigger plan, I thank Him that He guided me safely through it all and that today, I can accept the fact that I am bound to a wheel-chair, but that I can still serve Him, and praise be to God that in all things, we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our strength. He surely molded me and now I know, it was worth it all, for He has rescued me from death, and now, I can do all things through Jesus Christ, my Victor. The fact that I am in a wheel-chair, is the place where He wanted me to be, for now I know, was I healthy and able to have a normal life like the majority, I might not have committed myself to a Ministry as this, which was needed for so long. Today I look back and I only see one row of foot-tracks and I know....God has carried me for a purpose such as this and I am so thankful....I have discovered so many secrets of the true Love of God, the Father's heart and I know...what He did for me, He will do for others who seek His face diligently.