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We so easily give up when things does not go our way, we loose control and get confused by the enemy's lies...our faith becomes low and we become ill with worries because we do not trust. I want to encourage you, to ensure you, God knows our every need, He hears our every cry and He is more than willing to help and to reach out. We have however the responsibility to reach out to one another as well....there is nothing stronger than the "cord in unison" of prayer. We live in the "end-times" people and we have to realize that time is precious.....we can make a difference in this world; we can help people change their minds and attitudes towards circumstances. Jesus has died for all our "situations and iniquities"...He paid the price in full so that we need not suffer the pains of a broken world...He did it all so that we may walk in liberty, free and full of joy. It seems so easy to give up, but is that really a solution? No, no, Jesus is alive and aware...He loves us and cares too much to let go of us. He is coming back again for His bride...let us therefore prepare ourselves for the Groom and await His coming with a pure heart. Never mind a "past"...whatever happened in the past, is "past-tense"....let everyday be a new day and a new beginning, let us just build the relationship which the Father so longs to have with us...let us spend time with Him and get to know Him better each is worth it all.

Let us just worship our King for He is worthy of all praise...Amen.

Below is some photo's! Please also take the time to read my 2nd Testimony with added photo's and a music video!

Francois Zietsman
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