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Let me go a little back again. In 2005 when they amputated my left leg above the knee in Johannesburg Hospital, they did not amputate it correctly – they did not pull any tissue or muscle over the front of the amputation, the result was that my leg formed a sharp point (only skin and bone), and after a while the femur pressed right through the skin resulting in a sore and some infection for a long time – my femur about ½ cm outside my skin. It took quite a while to heal – and it eventually healed with the femur still outside the skin – it basically formed a new skin over the femur. It was very painful and uncomfortable, but I had to live with it because I did not have the money to re-amputate my leg at that stage. The result was that I couldn't even think of putting on prosthesis as there was no tissue to support the pressure. About 3 years later my church paid for the operation to have my leg re-amputated, and pulling muscle and tissue over. At my follow-up visit to the orthopedic surgeon, I asked him about a knee replacement sometime in the future.

He told me that it would be very difficult because of many reasons – my leg was stiff in a bent (about 50˚) position, which means that muscle have to be stretched (lengthened) etc... and I won't be able to exercise it because I don't have another leg to support me, it could be a dangerous move because the chances that I will get infection again was very good – in my previous testimony you will read that my body rejected the knee and hip prosthesis and that is why I lost my leg and my hip in the first place (infection). He also told me that it was not the way to go, that he would definitely not recommend it at all – that it will not necessarily help me walk again etc... dead end! But I still believed it was the only way to go – that I had to do it sometime (my own mindset). I wanted to do it that way, but nothing happened for quite a while.

As I have said, I had my own mindset on how things should be. In the meantime God had spoken to me a few times but I did not want to listen. What I can recall about 2 times I heard the comment about "Have you ever thought about having your other leg amputated as well?", "Wouldn't it be easier if you have two amputations?" – I must say a few times it crossed my mind as well, but I immediately pushed those thoughts aside – I couldn't stand thinking about having my other (normal/healthy) leg amputated as well. Meantime, God was speaking to me, but I didn't want to listen. I kept to my own mind about what should be done and how it should be done – a knee replacement!

Early 2008 I went to a 6 month course at our church – Elijah House, a wonderful course and I can recommend it to everyone – I did it twice actually. It's all about prayer ministry, dealing with forgiveness, repentance etc... Anyway, I met a wonderful woman in my small group – a prayer answered after many years. We became good friends and we got engaged last year November – she accepted me just as I am and I thank God for her in my life. She followed my dream with me – to walk again, but also told me that she doesn't care if I walk or spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair – she accepts me as I am. Praise God.

As I mentioned above, that the doctor told me it was not a good idea to have a knee replacement because of the reasons mentioned earlier – I still persisted on that road. He told me that it wasn't an easy decision, and he'll have to think about it and do his homework – a difficult procedure. He said that he would get back to me. We waited for a very long time and nothing happened for about a year. We went to see him again and asked him if he were willing to do the knee replacement – that he should give us a quotation etc... Again he said that he doesn't think it's a good idea, and he will speak to another orthopedic surgeon and maybe we can meet together and hear the other expert opinion. So it was done, we met and the other doctor, very well known and probably one of the best orthopedic surgeons around, also told me that is was going to be very difficult, and the 50/50 chance of getting infection again etc, which would put my life on the line.

We left it there and set it to rest for a while because it would have been over R80 000 if I decided to go ahead, which I could not afford anyway. January this year 2010, my fiance went to visit her mom in Knysna for 2 weeks – she spend a lot of time walking on the beach and talking to God about my situation. She thought that it would be great if I could walk with her side by side on the beach. She had her own battle with the Lord which I didn't know about. God spoke to her heart and told her that I should amputate my other leg as well and use 2 prosthetic legs. It was difficult for her to swallow the idea, as she knew how I felt. Then she started a new battle with the Lord. ‟O goodness no Lord, this can't be! And even if so, how do I tell Francois? I can't tell him that he should amputate his other leg – I can't be the messenger. He will think I'm crazy or just saying it for other reasons – because I don't want to lose him due to infection etc..." She had a battle with the Lord and asked Jesus, that if this was the case, that the message should not come from her. During her battle in tears, she told the Lord that He should work in my heart – that He should tell me.