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We were so relieved and all we could say was "Thank you!" Our prayers were answered and we came to an open door. We asked him if he could give us a written quotation as we needed to know what we were looking at for a fundraiser. Immediately he took a book from his table and opened it, studying it carefully. My fiance and I were waiting nervously to know what the quotation would be. He started writing on a piece of paper and eventually pushed the piece of paper to me – I looked at the paper, trying to see what the damage would be. I couldn't make out much, but in the one corner I saw R1500 written and I asked him what it was – he told me that it was his fee for the operation. My fiance and I just looked at each other in Awe, not knowing what to say because we expected a much higher quote. Thinking that I looked wrong and in my mind that I obviously missed some hidden cost or something, I asked him: "Is that all?" "That's it" he said, "That's my fee, now you just need a quote from the hospital." We were speechless – my fiance only putting her hands over her face looking down. I looked at Dr. Heyns and just asked: "When can you do the operation?" He said: "Well, if you are ready and have your finances sorted out, I can do it the 1st of March or is that too soon for you?" "No", I said, "that would be great, we will see what we can do and I'll let you know."

Walking back to my fiances work we didn't say much – we were still in Awe of what just happened. Sometimes God so amazes you that you don't have words and it takes a while for reality to sink in. After a while all we could say was: "Isn't that wonderful?" "Can you believe it?" "O, God is so good and faithful – He is so Amazing." Then peace and excitement filled our hearts and we couldn't stop talking about God's goodness. We knew that we had to act quickly and make work of this as God has just opened a door for us and we couldn't wait. Next we had to get a quotation for an anesthetist and from the clinic, theater and bed for 4-5 days. My fiance works at the doctors next to Cormed Clinic and the next day she got a quotation from the hospital, including theater for R14 700 estimated depending on equipment used, medicine, and time of stay. Having no medical aid and only a disability pensioner, it was a lot of money – still not having an anaesthetist, we estimated that it would be an extra R800 – R1000, which totalled all up to ± R17 000. A fundraise takes a while to organize.

We had no money to go ahead, and after thinking and praying about it my fiance and I talked about the whole thing. Not only was it the operation, but after the operation we would need to look at a prosthetic leg as well, which would be around R40 000+, or that is what I thought not really knowing the prices on prosthetic's – I just estimated according to hearsay. After all that was the main reason for the amputation. Looking back at everything that has happened – God has given us so much answers and such clear confirmation that we could not doubt for one minute that we were moving in the right direction. "God knows our needs and He will supply when we get there – He is in control." We decided to trust God fully and just do what we needed to do – God will do the rest. Monday 22 February 2010, having no money and only walking in faith, I called Dr. Heyns' office the next day to give the go-ahead for the 1st of March 2010. It was a week before the operation, still having no plan or any idea where the money would come from. Sometimes we have the faith, but it's so small and all that God wants from us is to surrender and to trust Him fully.

The next morning, Tuesday 23 February, I was doing my normal duties on MyPrayer Ministries, sending out the daily devotion etc..., when God spoke to my heart about writing an e-mail about my operation and my needs. I send it to all MyPrayer members, as well as to some friends asking to also send it on. It was 5 days before the operation. That same afternoon I received a R300 donation from one of my members, the next day I received another R1000 also from one of my members, other anonymous donations followed during the course of that week and weekend – they differed from R20 to R500 donations etc... every bit counted and made a difference and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone who opened their hearts, and I still thank God for each and every cent donated which brought me closer to my needs.

Wednesday 24 February I received an unexpected call which took me very much by surprise. A lady on the other end said: "Hi Francois, I am from Everland Productions in Pretoria and someone send me your e-mail about your operation etc... I have also read your previous testimony on MyPrayer – very touching. I was wondering if you would not consider having your testimony broadcasted on TV (KykNet (In Pas)). We would like to follow your whole story, from before the operation up until you start walking." For a moment I was speechless, and then I said: "But my operation is this Monday, when do you want to do this?" "We'll have to act quickly for we only have 2 days left of this week, so we'll have to do it either tomorrow or Friday – we would like to talk to you and do some shooting before the operation on Monday, and we would also like to be at the hospital on Monday when you go into theater" she said. Taking me by surprise and quite nervously I thought by myself: "Wow, tomorrow or Friday, what do I do, that's quick, I'm unprepared." Before I could think any further I just said: "Okay, its fine, yes it's fine with me." "Great", she said – "I'm just waiting for my camera team to come back and I'll phone you later to make arrangements on when and at what time." She later phoned back and we made arrangements for Friday at 10:00.