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Very nervously I waited for them Friday morning, not having a clue what to expect, what they wanted to do or talk to me about. My fiance also took leave for the day and joined in as I felt that she was part of my testimony. They arrived and made us feel very comfortable – very nice and easy people. They gave us a quick walk-through on what they needed to do over a cup of coffee. Very nervously with huge camera's focused on me we started – they asked general questions from my past (my accident etc.), how I came to be where I am, how my fiance and I met and the new decision about my amputation etc. My fiance also gave her side of the story in front of the cameras. They wanted to do a before and after, and my progress afterwards.

It was finally Monday, March 1st 2010 and I had to book in at 12:00 the afternoon for preparations – the operation was scheduled for 16:00. The camera crew also arrived at around 14:00 to get some more action and to talk to me before I went into theater. I was very nervous and it was quite an emotional day for all of us. Of all the operations I went through in my life, I must say this one was probably the most nervous wrecking one, plainly because it was a lifetime decision, a healthy part of my body on its way to be removed – forever. I can only thank God for wonderful people that stood by my side all the time – family and friends, and most of all my fiance. Staff came to fetch me just before 16:00 and I was on my way to theater with my fiance by my side. The camera crew took their last shooting while they pushed me into theater and then they left. The time has finally arrived and there was no turning back.

The operation was just over an hour and before I left the theater I was fully awake. Back at the ward my fiance, family and friends were all waiting for me. The operation was a huge success according to Dr. Heyns – praise God! I was in a lot of pain and it pushed my fiance to tears. It was finally over and done, now it was only recovering ahead of us and facing the new changes and challenges to deal with. Besides the pain, I can't explain the awkward feeling of suddenly missing a leg – everything was different. Until you lose it you would never know what a vital role it played as part of your body – for every single movement you make, and having two missing legs makes it even more challenging. We were just glad everything went well and was over and done – now the long road of recovery and dealing with new challenges laid ahead.

Up to that day of my operation I received around R2200 in total from donations through the e-mail I have send. Although I had other things to deal with for a few days, I still trusted God that everything would work out fine. My fiance also kept faith and told me that there is nothing to worry about as she believes that God will supply in all our needs. After everyone left that evening, I went to sleep quite early as I was still tired of the anesthetics, but I could not sleep well because of the pain and changes in my body. Later that night I received a few sms's from the bank from deposits (donations) into my account and my saldo went up to around R3800 – I just kept on praising God. The next day I received a few more donations to bring my saldo to R4570. Slowly my saldo climbed and the R17 000 needed still seemed so far, not even to talk about the other ± R40 000 that I would need for a prosthetic leg later on.

Wednesday 3rd March a young guy was admitted into the bed next to me, later that evening his friend came to visit him and I noticed he had a prosthetic leg just like the one I needed. A coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences and I believed that there was a reason. This guy came up to me and asked what happened as he saw both my legs were amputated and the one was very recently amputated. I shortly told him my story and that I would like to walk again. He encouraged me by saying: "You will get there, you'll see." I believe that was just another confirmation from God. I also asked him what he paid for his leg and where he got it from. He told me that he paid R47 000 for it back in 2003. It was 7 years ago that he paid R47 000 and I suddenly realized that my guessed R40 000 were way off. I made a quick calculation in my head that now it would be around R60 000 for a prosthetic leg, suddenly my faith dropped a little and I just thought "O God, that's a lot of money."

I told everyone that came to visit me about this guy and the new confirmation God has given me, I also told my fiance that my guessed R40 000 were way of and that we are now looking at ± R60 000 which makes it even harder. She said that we should not worry about it now as it's not important right now, what was important was the R17 000 for the operation because usually as a private patient you have to settle the account before you are discharged. In any way I needed to recover for at least a month before I could even start thinking about a prosthetic leg for my rehabilitation. "We still have time and we can even try to do another fundraiser for that" she said. It was 2 days before being discharged from hospital and my saldo went up in the meantime to R7430 – I was still around R10 000 short. The day went by and that evening just after I went to sleep, I received a sms and when I opened it, to my amazement it was a deposit of R20 000 – suddenly my saldo climbed to R27 430 – Praise God!!! I was in shock, I immediately forwarded the sms to my fiance and she replied: "Praise God, our Father is so faithful – that's Awesome – I knew God already had everything in place." 2 Days before being discharged enough funds were raised to cover my bills to the doctor, hospital and theater of R17 000. God is so faithful and His timing is always perfect!!!