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The next evening, the day before being discharged I received another sms, opened it and saw another R20 000 deposit. At first I thought it was the same sms as the previous night that the bank had send to me twice, but when I looked carefully I saw my saldo went up to R47 430 – I was completely shocked and it took a little while to settle in. I couldn't believe it; I just thanked God and praised Him for His goodness. When my fiance came around a little later, I showed her the sms and she just started crying and saying: "You're not serious, this can't be – O what an Awesome God we serve." And again I can say: "What an Awesome God we serve!" At around 09:00 the next morning (4th March 2010) Dr. Heyns came around to remove the bandages and signed the discharge papers. I still had to wait for the TV crew as they could only be there at 11:00 to capture me leaving the hospital. They were there for around half an hour to capture some more footage and we all went our own way. We wanted to pay the hospital bill but the secretary refused to give it to me as she said that Dr. Pieter Lategan should first have a look at it.

It was good to be home again – it was time for recovery. I had much peace in my heart knowing that there were enough funds to cover the quoted bills – I was still amazed at how God provided. "God is so faithful" I thought again. With R47 430 raised, not only was there enough to cover the current bills, there were even R30 430 left to add to whatever the prosthetic leg would be. Allow me to explain something. Because of the expensiveness of prosthesis legs I budgeted in my fundraiser for one prosthetic leg, knowing that I would eventually need two prosthetic legs – I thought that one would do for a start, just to get mobile as soon as possible. A second prosthetic leg would be latter's worries. First I had to recover and the wounds needed to settle for around 3-4 weeks before I could look at a prosthetic leg. I need to tell you something else as well. A while ago, probably a year or so a guy (Johan Wessels) in our church phoned me because his wife (Charlotte) needed some assistance with creating her own website called Witty Photography – he asked me if I could show her some basics – I agreed and he said that he would phone me again to make an appointment. I didn't know the people at all and quite a while went by and I almost forgot about it when he phoned me again and we confirmed an appointment. His wife came to see me and I showed her some basics, and eventually she asked me to create the website for her, and so I did. They also became members of MyPrayer Ministries and therefore automatically received e-mails from me since then.

They prayed a lot asking God that they would like to bless someone and would like to be meaningful to someone in some way, and they asked God to show them who and where they could make a difference – (This I found out later on). It was just about then when we had the whole situation with my leg and when I wrote the e-mail regarding my decision of amputating my leg. When my letter came through he said; they immediately received confirmation from God that this is where they could make a difference. God used them in so many ways that it's indescribable. They were the people who originally send my story to the TV crew, which I also found out afterwards. Since then they played a huge role in many ways to where things are today, and we can only thank God for such dear and precious people in our lives – God works in mysterious ways. Without them I would probably still be searching for a leg. They came into our lives and basically organized everything that has happened ever since and for the rest of my testimony. They drove us around, made appointments for quotations, phone calls etc...too much to mention. They were God sent! I have realized when God puts something on your heart, we have fear yes, but sometimes all God wants from us is to take the first step, and He will do the rest. Ever since we took that fearing decision to listen to God and go for the amputation, everything else just happened – just fell into place. God already had everything worked out in advance – we just needed to take the first step.