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To make a long story short, I have to mention as well that a week after my operation, my letter also appeared in our local newspaper – Vaal Weekblad. Through this I also received around R20 000 in donations which took my total up to around R67 000. Subtracting the quoted R17 000 for doctor, hospital etc, I should be left with around R50 000 for a prosthetic leg. Praise God again! Not knowing the exact price of a prosthetic leg, I guessed around R50 – R60 000, I was basically there I thought. Around two weeks after my operation, Johan and Charlotte started making appointments at Orthodontics. First we saw a local guy in Vereeniging who gave me a quote of R55 900, after that we went to see Ice Express in Pretoria – after doing a very thorough examination, they gave us very good advice and added that it would be better to start off with two legs immediately. "All good and well" we said – it's easier said than done as I budgeted for one leg only – if we should go that way I will need to think of another fundraise, then we'll have to put everything on hold for a while until we have enough funds. Nevertheless they said that they would prepare a quotation and send it on, so we left. Early the next week we went to see another local Orthodontics in Vanderbijlpark who gave me a quotation of just over R50 000. Later on I received Ice Express's quotation of almost R 113 000 for two legs. After hearing what everyone had to say, we all felt that Ice Express was the best way to go, but my funds were not nearly enough. In the meantime I also received the bill from the hospital and theater and to my amazement again, Dr. Lategan gave me almost R 7000 discount.

Just after this Vaal Weekblad and IFM Radio said that they would also like to help out, and they wanted to do a fundraiser for me as well through a competition. A meeting was arranged at my place with two businessmen who were asked to sponsor a prize each which the paper would then launch in a sms competition, and all the earnings from the sms's would be given towards my needs. Another young 17 year old boy (Jaco Stone) and his parents also joined the meeting – it was the first time I have met any of these people. The boy also needed medical attention as he had a motorcycle accident and he had steel pins in his lower leg which got septic as well – in other words his body also rejected the steel. He had infection in his leg because of the steel pins that got septic, and something drastically needed to be done as the doctor told him that the pins had to be removed as soon as possible otherwise he would lose his leg, but he had no funds and the state hospital could not help him at all. He could not be helped with a fundraiser at that time and time were limited before he could lose his leg. Immediately it touched my heart – God spoke to my heart because I knew exactly what he was going through, how desperate he was and the pain he had to endure. I walked exactly the same road he was on and I lost my first leg duo to the state hospital not being able to help me. I understood his situation and I felt that it was not coincidence and that God had sent him there for a reason.

God spoke to my heart to help him – I couldn't stand knowing what he went through and seeing how he is on his way losing his leg as well. I needed to reach out and I faced a challenge – I had funds available, but not yet enough for my own needs and this guy needed funds. It was a challenge indeed because I was still battling myself to get enough funds for my prosthetic leg, but I knew I had to do something. I volunteered to make appointments for the boy and cover the costs. First he saw Dr. Verwey (General practitioner) as he needed a referral letter to see an Orthopedic surgeon. He was referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Vereeniging, but he could not help him either. I then made an appointment with Dt. Heyns and I joined the appointment to hear his verdict – he was again told that the pin had to be removed as soon as possible. I asked Dr. Heyns if he could give me a quotation for this, and we would get a quotation at Cormed Clinic as well. We got a quote of R2750, and after that my fiance went to get a quote from Cormed which came to another R19 600 – total R22 350. I thought by myself that this boy needed my funds more than I do, I could put my prosthetic leg on hold for a while – God has blessed me and I am in a situation to bless someone else in need. The next day I phoned Dr. Heyns's offices and told them to book the operation, and that they should send the bill to me. We also booked the theater and hospital and covered these bills as well. To make a long story short, the pin was successfully removed and the boy is back on his feet again – all praise to God.

With quite a gap in my funds for a prosthetic leg, Johan said that there was one local Orthodontics left that we could see in Vereeniging and maybe we should just pay him a visit. Honestly, already hearing everything three different Orthodontics had to say, and already having basically made up our mind about Ice Express in Pretoria, I thought that it wasn't necessary – a waste of time – we already had three quotations and all were around the same. I didn't really want to go but Johan insisted that we should just go and hear this guy's opinion as well. So we all went to Orthopedic Enterprises in Vereeniging, waiting in the examination room for a little while, Tony Potgieter, the Orthodontics came in. Tony and I recognized each other as Tony was the guy I went to see around 5 years ago after I had my first amputation in Johannesburg Hospital. I saw him at a local clinic back then and he then told me that I can't wear a prosthetic leg as my left leg were amputated in a wrong way as I mentioned earlier – the femur that pressed through the skin. Nevertheless, the stump was fixed and I had e second amputation in the meantime. Johan explained my situation to him, about how I decided to do the second amputation, the confirmation we received and the fundraiser etc. Tony stood bent over at the bed I was laying on, looking at my stumps while Johan was telling the story in short. Tony went quiet for a while just staring at the bed, then he said: "You know what? I'll do the leg free of charge for Francois."