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We were stunned, just looking at each other. Zammy, my fiance started crying saying: "No, this can't be; it's not possible." Johan's eyes shot full of tears as well. Out of shock Johan said to Tony: "Well, thank you, that's amazing, but we have some money raised and we could try another fundraiser as well". "No", Tony said, "I want to do it." The room were filled with tears and we were all completely stunned – God is so good. I went sowing almost half my funds to someone else in need, and here God provides a FREE leg out of the blue – how Amazing!! Tony went on saying that he would talk to his supplier and hear if they would not maybe sponsor the other 2nd leg – it would be better if I started off with two legs he said as well. Before we left we arranged an appointment for the measurements a few days later. In the meantime Tony told us his side of the story – how he and his wife also prayed the week before and felt that they wanted to help someone and also asked God to show them, and when I came around he immediately knew that God had answered their prayer. What an Amazing God we serve!!! God already had everything worked out in advance, and I believe that when I helped the boy with his leg, God had put me through a test, and He already had another door opened. The scripture of sowing and reaping comes to mind, and He will multiply your seed.

A few days later I went for the measurements – Tony took both legs measurements, but still not knowing if His supplier would agree to sponsor the other leg. First they had to make test sockets to make sure everything fits correctly before they made the final sockets. Three days later Tony phoned and said that I could come for the fitting. We all went and waited in the room when Tony came in with 2 legs – we were completely stunned again, "both legs?" we asked. "Yes", Tony said, "you won't believe what happened", and so he told us the whole story. He told us that a little while ago he made a leg for an old lady from Parys, she was already in her 80's and just after we left, her daughter phoned in and said that her mother can't use the leg because she is starting to go blind and they felt that they would like to sponsor it to someone who may need it. It was a brand new leg, not used, and exactly the same type of leg Tony had originally planned for me, as well it was the right side as well. "How Amazing can it get?" We serve an Awesome God!!! We were completely speechless – God is so Amazing that sometimes He just knocks you off your feet – you can just stand in Awe of His greatness. Again God already had everything worked out in advance; we just had to take that first step. Nothing is impossible for Him, God knows what you need.

Both my legs, tungsten with safety knees and everything were supplied completely free of charge – a total value of more than R120 000. Praise God for He is so faithful and He knows all our needs. I received both my legs, the final product a week later, everything fitted perfectly, together with 2 brand new shoes and crutches also free of charge. I started my rehabilitation soon after that and still busy – it's a long and difficult road but I know I will get there with God by my side. They said that my rehabilitation would take approximately a year, as I need to start all over like a baby – learn to walk from scratch. As God's word says; "I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13"

The 6th of June 2010 I gave my testimony at our church and for the first time walked on the stage with help by my side, regardless of some doctors saying that I would never walk again. Praise God. Another wonderful thing that happened was that Steven Sterling and Ryan Walt came to perform live on stage for my testimony – also free of charge. My friend Johan also did some editing work with one of their songs they performed, and Steven agreed to make me and my fiance part of their "Take My Hand" music video which can be seen on YouTube at the end of this testimony. The TV crew also came that weekend of my testimony to do some final captures of my progress and it was in short broadcasted on KykNet (In Pas) the 25th June 2010.

God has laid on me and my fiances heart to work for Him, in His Kingdom and to make a difference out there because we live in a broken world, and many people in need of prayer, encouragement give hope to the hopeless. As an unemployed and disabled pensioner we need all the support we can get to make this possible, and to make our life easier – to support our monthly needs like rent, groceries, general living expenses etc, as well as a car for transport – to help us fulfill our dreams. I still have a long road of recovery and rehabilitation ahead which is not possible without funding. I'm asking you, that if you feel in your heart to make a difference – big or small, to please make it a matter of prayer and ask God's guidance to support us. Know that your seed will be for a good cause. Should you see your way open to help us, please use the banking details at the end of this letter.