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Good day.

I have started my IT business in August 2008. I had a decent job but after a short holiday I have decided to take on the challenge of starting my own business. I did however develop a lot of Personal but Professional relationships with a lot of customers while I was still employed. The first few months of business was great, did good and learned a lot. Suddenly while I was living a life beyond my expectations, things began to turn the wrong way. I got no business, and was on the verge of losing my "awesome" life. Not giving up and standing strong, I decided to "employ" one of my Good friends of 20 Years, just helping him out, as well as for helping me. It turned out that my Best friend stole money from me, and led me to Business and Clients that didn't even exist. March/April 2009 while I was returning from my "Miss led" client, I just broke down, and showered in tears. I drove and shouted "HOW COULD MY BEST FRIEND DO THIS TO ME". Suddenly....After many years, I started to Pray, and talked to God. I talked in such a way, and used words I can't even pronounce today, but I know I understood what I said on that day.

I believe God went in to me, and saved me. From that moment, after wiping my tears.....I Felt this, calmness, overwhelming me. I felt no sorrow & had no hate anymore. God just told me...Everything will be ok!!!

From there on it wasn't just moons and roses, for business was still very tough, but the greatness of this testimony is, we always had food to eat, and always had a roof above our heads.

This might sound strange or even impossible, but some month ends, I had no money, but after thinking about that, we always had food to eat. We somehow managed to pay for everything, even though there was no proof that I even made an income. Till this day I can't calculate where I got the money from to pay the debt & to buy the food....IT WAS JUST THERE.

Business has been going on for 2 Years now, and everything falls in place. I believe God planned everything because he wouldn't let me be in business, Surviving from month to month without a reason. I am starting to get great referral business and manage to live a better life. I am a changed man with better values since that day God spoke to me in 2009.

In short, by month end September 2010 I had no money, waiting for payments, and then suddenly after waking up from an SMS from my bank...I received a Payment of R500 from an anonymous person, and used the reference as "Blessing". Once again God encouraged that person to pay me that amount, unasked for, but out of Good Will.

I praise God for everything he does for me, and all the people around me, and is grateful with all my heart.

Thank you LORD!!!!

Lee Odendaal

Thank you for the remembering us in prayer.

The Lord always intervenes at the right time. I have put up a request about 1 month ago for a breakthrough and we have received it. The Lord has great plans us and I know that his word stands firm. The victory is now ours.

Children of god, be still... and know that HE IS GOD!

Many thanks for all your prayers!!!!!

Prennay Chetty

My journey with God.

It all began at the middle of April 2010 I went to Greytown to Might Men Conference (MMC), I went to this Christian conference as I had some unanswered questions, and most of all had no specific direction in my life. I got a really unexpected answer: ‘prepare’.

God made it clear that I needed to prepare for my next role. Like an athlete who trains hard leading up to an event, I needed to work on my relationship with God. The first part of the preparation was coming before God and confronting my sin: brutal honesty, acknowledging the need to shine His light in the darkest of my life. The second part was journeying deeper into His Word, which has involved very early each day, finding a quiet spot and really digging deep into the Bible.

And as I confronted sin and journeyed deep into His Word things started to happen, I got this energy to really serve Him, I started seeing my life and the church around me in a new way.. What I realising of myself and the church that we have been playing at being Christian, happy just to turn up, seeing Bible reading and prayer as a chore, something to be quickly completed then onto the next job.

I realised that reading my Bible isn’t a job but a journey and a joy! As I drew close to God the Holy Spirit started to work more in my life, giving me energy and an overwhelming love!, I also realised if I made a difference with being with God, my family would feel my energy spread to them and make them feel secure. This was the case and my family have so much faith and hope. And things started to move in my life. Within a few days I was sharing with people what God was sharing with me. One of my absolute closes friend and fellow Watchman (Mark Basson) bought me a Bible, which I read every morning to my family with a small discussion with a closure of a pray.

As the weeks went by as I was journeying deeper into God’s Word, God told me to invite others along on the journey. So I started an sms line whereby I send messages to all Watchmen and others, in the morning and the messages are mostly how God has told me what to write and as simply enough for the receive to grasp the just of the message, it normally has a tremendous impact on some of them. This isn’t about me; most of these people don’t personally know me. This is about God using me, working through me. As I draw closer to Him the more He is using me! What is also happening as I draw nearer is that the amount I am tempted is growing as the enemy increases its attacks. I need to be extra careful and stay strong.

A couple of days ago I came across 2 Chronicles 7:14 : ‘Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.’ And then on 4 more occasions I stumbled across it – God clearly wanted me to read this passage and share it! Reading this absolutely confirms the journey of preparation I am on. Humbling myself, praying, seeking after God and turning from wicked ways and God will forgive my sin and restore my land! When it talks of restoring land, this is referring to God giving peace and security and all that is required to live productive and exciting life. So I am assured that as I continue to prepare myself, that God has something even more amazing in store!!

The key is that I continue to humble myself, pray often, really seek after God and turn from my sin. As I write this e-mail, tear form in my eyes not out being unhappy, but out of happiness that I am finally doing something with my life.

Great to involve you on this journey of mine!

God bless,
Mark Stewart

Dear Prayer Partners,

I would love to share some miracles God did in my live in the last 5 month’s.

I lived with my husband for three years before we got married on the February 9, 2008.

We had nothing but the Lord’s blessing since then streaming in to our lives. We lost a very dear friend a month after our wedding, my dad in May 2008. So being human we said to God is this how we are going to spend this year. Mike’s work has been going through a very rough patch and he started to feel insecure. I made a decision to make change in working commitments. Those involve working for three companies, as a financial manager. That was the last thing that I got to do, the owner of the one company, live in Zimbabwe and is not a Christian, very much a user for staff and what he said had to go. He also said if you work for him you work 24/7. This I did for four years. Still I prayed that God will bring an answer for this situation in our lives.

Three month ago, I told this one owner that there is no way that I can work for him anymore. The other owner of the local company said he would like me to stay with them, and that they will look after me. Thank you God was my answer. Well two month’s ago they told me that they can’t pay me what I earned before and have to adjust my salary, and I lost R4000-00 per month. It has been very difficult to deal with because; I asked God what He is doing to me, life is so expensive and we are barely making ends meat and now this. This is what happened this last two months in my and Mike’s lives.

At my dad funeral Mike’s uncle, offered Mike a business opportunity. Uncle Ben starts his business in faith with nothing and God has blessed him so much that he would like to share that blessing with us. That means that we have to move, and uproot our whole life. We prayed all the time for God’s guidance. One Friday Mike received a call from one of the workers, telling him that they have just retrenched 21 people at his office. That was the answer we have been waiting for. We accepted the offer to move to Ellisras, and This is what happened in the last week.

Mike moved down on the 18 to start work on the 21. We have found a house, God proved the money to pay the deposit. Mike has two leads that he has to quote on next week (they are in the kitchen business), Monday he’s seeing some one for 130 units, Thursday he is seeing someone for 2500 units. He is also signing his first deal today. PRAISE OUR GOD. We also decided that when we move, God will sort out employment for me. Well, did God sort it all out for us, as he promised in his word!!!! When I move down in December 2008, The Lord has given me a business of my own to go take over and manage to the Glory of His Name.

My dear friend when we put our problem in GOD TO DO BOX, leave it there. He will DO IT. God did it for us; you can all share the same just pray and believe that GOD is true to his word.

Thank you Father for taking care of us and for being OUR FATHER

Love your daughter
Marie Meyer

2nd Testimony

My fellow Prayer Partners and Dear Francois,

For many months now I have had the honour to share and be part of the people that pray for other in Our Heavenly Fathers Name.

You as my prayer partners have shared some of my prayer request with me. Well I would like to share some miracles from Our Heavenly Father to you all.

  1. My son Herman was shot in an armed robbery at his work September 16, 2007. He was told he may never walk again. This is a young man turning 30 years on the March 28, which did the comrades last year and had a wonderful race. Well My Heavenly Father has once again answered all our prayers. Herman did the Cosmos Race. This race is a three in one they run a 42km at 6am and a 21km at 1pm, then a 10km at 5pm, all in one day. Herman went with us to the start the morning and said to me ma I will help you with the children and I believed him. When we got to the start he got changes I asked him what he is doing his words to me was. AM GOING TO RUN ALL THREE RACES GOD SAID SO. Well you can just think what this did to me as a mother. PRAISE MY LORD. Herman complete all three the races with his wife that did this for the first time as well. Thank You all for praying for my son.
  2. My other request was for my daughter Colette that was trying to get divorce for the last three years. After a long battle she got full custody of her two children. She will finally be divorce on the 25 March 2008. I still need you o pray for Micaela and Clayton as they have a problem with Dad that does not make time for them. If Colette don’t take them to see him every second week they never see him, this hurts them deeply. Please pray for him to get to know Jesus and appreciate his gift that God gave him, his children. Thank you al for praying for my daughter.
  3. My live has also been BLESSED. I went through two bad marriages. Jesus sends me one of his children for a partner. Yes my friend God send me MIKE, we got married on February 9, 2008. God was so present and his love was flowing deeply even in the guest that was there.


Marie Meyer (previous Butler)

This is for anyone who wants to read:

The Lord has helped me out of a situation today, a situation that I as a human being, could not have handled on my own, I would'nt survive without God's help. I realized afterwards that my task on earth were not over yet and that God has a plan for my life.

I do not know yet what He's plan is but I am convinced that I will know very soon.

What happened to me?

About 9 o'clock this morning, when I was supposed to be in church but I was to 'tired' because I went to Pretoria yesterday, I went out to switch on my waterpump. As I switched it on, the power of electricity went through me and threw me to the floor wich was hard cement...380 volts. I lied on my back and struggled to move away from the electricity that was running through me, but I could'nt move. I remembered that I had to keep my hands open not to cling to the duct of electricity. Because the pump was fixed to a time-meganism wich was set for 10 minutes and I realised that if I could hold on for 10 minutes,the power will go off. I had much time to think but I could not release myself. One of the things that came to mind was, I am not ready to die, I have to much to do still before my 3 children are grown-up. I nevertheless still tried to get first I thought that I could handle the electric stream but eventually I could'nt anymore and I lost my consience for a short while.The strange thing is that I remember that I lost my consience, that it all went dark and I had this very calm feeling over me, with no electric shocks in my body.

All of a sudden though, I felt the unbearable shocks going through me and I think I opened my eyes....and I knew I had to call upon the Lord and shout: "Lord, Lord, help me" (or save-I'm not shure)

For another few seconds I felt the shocks and then the most wonderfull experience of my life happened. A shadow fell over me and a figure or being stood right in front of me...I could not see a face but the image of a man with a heavy coat of mantle..the colour of the coat was a dull-greem and at that moment I felt so comfortable. The next moment, without me standing up, I found myself on my legs about 3 metres away from the powerbox and I knew I was freed.

The "man" was not there anymore..the power was still on. Mymouth was full of blood and I spit it out. I then knew that my God has saved me and I thanked Him for that. I also had the feeling that I will not die but I asked the Lord to help me walk to the house because I was very weak (about 100m away). I can remember that I walked wife took me to the hospital.

Regardless of the fact that I needed medical attention and was drained physically, I was emotionally exited of what has happened and I just wanted to share it with everyone....for me it was a wonderful privileged experience.

When I think of it now, I do not know whether it was an angle or God Himself who was with me...I did not see arms or legs...I just know I was lifted up and put back on my feet. It does not matter anyway because I know it was God's work. The size of the "man" I could not guess, His mantle reached the ground...I layed under the roof and this being was right in front om me and the roor witch was 3 metre in height and I could not see the top part of Him wich means that this "man" was even taller.

After a couple of hours in hospital, I decided to put all of this on paper...I thought of asking the hospital staff for a bible, pen and paper but before I could ask,as sister, Sarie Nortje came to me with a bible, pen and paper. I asked her how she knew that I needed that and she answered me...I just knew. My question that another act of our God for this day?

I opened the bible without looking for something spesific and I just read these words..."Jesus answered him: Indeed I say unto you, if one is not rebourned by the Spirit, he shall not see the Kingdom of God" John 3:3...another act by God.

In the past I would've said it is all co-insidence but now I know that so many times, as a sinner, God was busy in my life-

I don't write this because I think I am important, no, far from it....I just want everybody that ever doubt their faith ( me as well)...God is all over and always with us, we just have to open our eyes and see. If we do that and there is no doubt in our hearts, we will no longer doubt that our Savior is alive and the same God that has always been.

Please learn from my experience...God is awesome, He is good, He is our Savior....He makes the desicions regarding our livesa...He listens, He gives us the opportunity to get to know Him and to serve Him, He does miracles. Please, give your life to Him...we need Him all the time...know Him in all your needs and disicions and trust me, it is worth it all.

Hendrik Nel

Hi there Francois and MyPrayer partners!

I just want to testify of God goodness and grace!!

I’ve been at my current job 6 months now and was looking at finding another job with a better salary as my husband & I were looking at selling our house if things didn’t get better. I went for a job interview and on my way to the 2nd interview I told God what I would like to get out in terms of salary. The next day at work my boss called me in and said they are giving me a raise – and guess what – it is now amounting to the amount I asked God for!!!! On top of that they are employing someone to help with my work load!

Isn’t He just SO Faithful! For everyone else out there that’s praying for a breakthrough, I just want to say hold on… God is listening and will answer your prayer when the time is right!!

All the glory to our God Almighty!!!

Ilse Pieters

Howzit going! name is Darren and I just want to share with you all my testimony in being saved by the amazingly wonderful,gracious Lord of Lords...Jesus Christ.

Firstly I never had a deprived childhood,great love flowed from my parents and family but going to church wasnt something we did regularly as youngsters, I went to a Methodist church for a while,attending Sunday school but not really paying attention because I dont remember much that was taught.I knew that there was a God and that Jesus died for me but I think I just couldnt comprehend that,anyway as I grew older all I wanted to do was play football and go overseas doing just that,I was talented and excelled at it and plenty other sports until I reached 12 years old and my parents divorced, I found myself slipping away into the social scene with all the other cool kids you know.

I started drinking and smoking weed until I was in high school, my interests in sports and doing what I loved went out the window because booze and pleasing people was top priority.After leaving high school in grade 10, I went to technical college and excelled yet again but this time in my studies as I was living far from friends and could only let loose on the weekends. I met an awesome christian friend at college(well she came to befriend me cause I was very introverted) and she did what all us christians do, try and lead people to salvation, but I was not interested at all you know because being christian was not cool.I eventually left college as I was failing and went to work,by this time my soul was searching for God but I didnt know this, I got fed up with this country and followed my ex girlfriend to the UK where I seemed happy for a while.

While in the UK I was living with my friends now and things were getting wild, litres of whiskey and beer and to much weed to even remember, it was also the first time I tried ecstacy,from there on in it was downhill. I came home for a 2 month holiday and returned to the UK and my relationship with my girlfriend of the time ended, now I was furious at her for ditching me which was ridiculous because I cheated on her with a prostitute!...So I moved away to Cornwall and started living in extreme excess again....binge drinking for weeks on end,smoking weed like cigarettes, smoking cigarettes, sleeping with countless women and doing just about any drug I could get my hands on.It didn't stop there, I met my new girlfriend who was as old as my mother and she became my drinking partner,she gave me cocaine at least twice a week and we had a very open sexual relationship, then I cheated on her numerous times aswell and finally that by this time my soul was in agony, I thought I couldnt live without her and went into depression...I was introduced to spiritualism and liked what I heard so I was into crystals and rubbish like that.

Finally I left the UK (2 months over my visa) but just before that I got back together with my sugar mommy of the time and things felt ok again, so I came home and tried to go back to her so we could get married so I could live with her but the passport control caught me out red handed (thank the Lord for that). They sent me home and there I was depressed again, for almost a year, I lived with a friend again and we drank alot and slept with alot of prostitutes because we couldnt stay out the strip clubs (I would blow a whole months salary on women and booze in one night). I met my next girlfriend sometime after that and her father is the Apostle at our church today. At first I only went to church with her because that was what she was looking for in a guy but God had other plans for my soul, in my brokeness the Holy Spirit got hold of me, I witnessed people speaking in tongues and I was freaked out but intrigued at the same time...I wanted to be able to do that!! I kept going to church and slowly but surely the Holy Spirit convicted me af all i was doing and I realised that this is what I was looking for the whole time..I cried when we interceded and even when the Apostle preached,I could not contain my feelings and what love I was feeling from God..I am now in the music ministry and loving it..I'm so happy GOD CHOSE me to be His child, I would be dead now if wasnt for His grace because if I had not found Him I would have surely killed myself, it is now 2 years down the line with God. I have had my ups and downs and struggling with addictions but the Almighty God delivered me only as He can do!!!...the life I live now is in faith to Jesus Christ, my SAVIOUR, my REDEEMER, my ALL!!...


Hello Francois,

I just want to thank you once again for this wonderful prayer Ministry and as far as I know, it all started with Daantjie's accident and his miraculous recovery. It was a miracle from above and we can only thank our heavenly Father. We actually experience miracles every day but we seem to overlook somehow.

I want to tell you about my daughter, 26 years of age who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year in November. The 22nd of November she was operated and the cancer was removed. It was the longest 3 and a half hours of my life. After the operation the doctor said that she had to take chemo-theorapy and radiation because the cancer had already spread en her glands were effected. We never thought that possible although my Mother died of colon cancer when she was 68 years old.

That evening I stayed with her, sat at her bedside while she had this terrible pain. While sitting there, I started to sms all the people I knew and asked for prayer and there and then a prayerchain started.

One of my friends who had a stroke 3 years ago and was still angry at the Lord, eventually said she will contact her "support-group" to pray. I thanked her but said I wanted her to pray as well. For the first time in 3 years, she prayed and when my daughter started to recover, my friend said: Do you think the Lord heard when I prayed? I said: Ofcourse the Lord heard you! We realy pray for her to see the Light again and to trust God.

My daughter had the radiation, and is still on chemo-tablets and she has to go for cancer-tests every now and then but we trust the Lord...He was so good and did wonderfull things. We are blessed even though our daughter is still on medication, we still thank God for His mercy. Our child are fortunate enough to have therapy, there are other people with much more serious problems and because of all the prayers, we know we can conquer all things. My dauthter is quite well at this stage, God really came through for us and we are so thankfull that our daughter is very positiff in her situation.

My Mother-in-Law (85) and a deep christian, cried her heart out and prayed fervently...she asked the Lord to open her bible where He wanted her to read and the bible fell open at 2 Cor. 6...At the appointed time I have heard your prayer and on the day of salvation, I helped you. More or less the same time, while I was praying, I saw the Lord with my daughter in His arms. Do'nt ask me what the Lord looked like for I do not know, all I know is, I saw Him holding my daughter in His arms. I then realised that God does hear our prayers and His promise in Hebrews 13:5, is so true...I will not leave you, nor forsake you.

We are so blessed and I thank our heavenly Father when I think of that beautifull poem of "Footprints". In times of difficulty, we do not walk alone, the Father carries us and therefor only the one row of footprints. Without God, it is impossible to be strong. There were many tears, but I had to be strong for my child and fortunately my husband and I can be there for our child, we are in a position to do so and I am so thankfull.

Thankyou my heavenly Father, all the glory and all the praise we offer to You, for You have heard our cries.

Pslm 28:6

Anna Fick

I submitted the following request and please praise God with me as He has already done a miracle by healing me completely. They prayed for me at church yesterday morning and last night the pain was gone.

My request was: Please urgently pray for me for our Heavenly Father to do a complete healing in my body. I have a hiatus hernia with burning pain on my stomach all the time. I am going on leave on 11 April and really need God to do a miracle. Last year on 18 March my spleen was removed, and didn't not have a very good holiday.

Our God is so mighty and can do far more than what we can even think He can do. I know I am going to have the very best holiday ever, because of what God has done.

Blessings to all our prayer partners.
Mary Ann Venter

Good morning Francois and My Prayer friends

Happy news regarding my friend, Jacqui Christie. A week ago Jacqui was admitted to Pretoria Academic Hospital, ICU, very seriously ill. The doctors in Springs had diagnosed a leaking heart valve and on Monday had found that she had suffered a mild stroke last Sunday. In my previous testimony I shared how we all went to pray for Jacqui last Sunday evening around midnight when she was struggling to breathe and was unable to speak. Within ten minutes of us praying for her, we witnessed the power of the Lord at work and saw her breathing return to normal and she was able to speak and walk around again.

Well, by Tuesday morning she was moved to a normal ward and after several tests the doctors found nothing wrong with her heart. We all continued to pray for her throughout last week as she was still in a lot of pain and had to be given morphine for the pain. Doctors thought she had a hiatus hernia. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Jacqui was released from hospital on Saturday morning and was able to testify at church last night. There is no leaking heart valve, no damage from the stroke, in fact there is no sign that she ever had a stroke, no hiatus hernia, our Almighty God has healed her! Whilst she was in the hospital she was able to share the Gospel with a lady in the ward and this lady gave her heart to the Lord. She was also able to give a Bible in Northern Sotho translation, to a lady that works at the hospital, who has been a child of God for several years, but did not have her own Bible! Oh, what a joyful and wonderful testimony!

Jacqui is home now to recoup and regain her strength. What an awesome God we serve. He is faithful and true to His Word and His love and power are immeasurable!

Thank you again to each and every one for your faithful prayers. There is so much power in prayer, never forget this nor underestimate how important it is that we pray for one another and encourage one another.

Jeremiah 29v 12 & 13 “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

God bless you all Love in Christ

Colleen Wessels
Survivor for Christ Ministry

2nd Testimony


Good morning to Francois and all beloved friends and family of God

This morning, with a humble and grateful heart I would like to share what the Lord has done for us over this past week or two, since I put in my prayer requests on MyPrayer Website.

1) Survivor for Christ Ministry:-

Thanks be to Almighty God for giving us a hall in Brakpan to use. We have been blessed with this place which we may use twice a week for a minimal fee. This hall has plenty of tables and chairs and a fully equipped kitchen. I praise our Father God in heaven for this awesome blessing as our home was becoming too overcrowded during each week’s meeting. Now He has also given us the opportunity to reach a wider area and reach out to new people for our Lord Jesus Christ!

2) Holy Ground music ministry:-

Our children have their own band, and have been using their musical talents to praise and worship the Lord. So far this has been a humble little group of kids who have been playing from their hearts at our church and also lead the praise and worship at our weekly home cell. Last Sunday we were invited to visit at a church in Leondale and our kids were invited to play two songs at that church. (their first “gig”). After the service, two gentlemen from that congregation approached us with an offer for them to record a CD over the next two months. All costs and marketing etc will be covered by these two brothers. The name of their band is HOLY GROUND. Hallelujah to our Lord for opening this new door for them. It is so wonderful to know a God who blesses His children like this. All the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. We serve a God who can make all things possible for those who love Him and believe in Him.

3) Personal:-

I previously asked for prayer for our financial situation. Thanks be to our Lord as my hubby as just been awarded a second contract for his business, which will increase our monthly income a bit. Father God also provided for our needs in an awesome way last month so we were able to meet our monthly commitments. At the beginning of the month I didn’t know how we were going to do this, but God makes a way when there seems to be no way! Thankyou for your faithful prayers. Please do keep on praying for us here as we aren’t out of deep waters yet, but at least are able to “swim” a little easier.

My brother and his wife were blessed with a beautiful, healthy little boy yesterday. I asked for prayer for my brother to find work as he was recently retrenched. Thanks be to God because he was been given some work to do which will provide them with an income for the next six weeks. He has decided to start his own little business and this is the first “job” he has been given. Thank you Lord.

My friend Jacqui Christy – I asked for urgent prayer for her as she has been extremely ill for the past two weeks. Jacqui is diabetic and last week doctors diagnosed a leaking heart valve. They have no medical aid. Anyway at around midnight last Sunday evening, her husband urgently called all in our group to meet them to pray as Jacqui had taken a turn for the worst. We all rushed over to their house, where J was lying on the back seat of their car. She was struggling for every breath and was unable to speak. We immediately began to intercede for her and placed our hands on her, anointing her with oil as the Word instructs us to do. Within ten minutes whilst we prayed and waited, her breathing returned to normal and she began to speak! Praise God! It was so awesome to see HIS POWER at work!

On Monday J was admitted to ICU at Pretoria Academic hospital, still very ill. On Tuesday she was moved to a normal ward. The doctor cannot pick up any leaking heart valve! She is still in a lot of pain though, and the doctor now wants to check for a possible hiatus hernia. Thankyou so much again for all the faithful prayers and we continue to trust our Lord for His perfect will to be done in Jacqui’s life and that of her family.

In conclusion, I need to mention that last week Monday, my hubby was so “down” from all the pressures and worries. He was almost at the point of giving up on all our work etc. This was before we experienced the above breakthrough. We urgently prayed together as a family and “lifted up his arms” before our Lord God Almighty, just like it was done for Moses in the Bible. Our awesome, mighty and wonderful God heard our prayers and the next day all the above things started to happen.


I cannot stress enough the importance of enduring during difficult days, never give up your faith in our Lord God, STAND FIRM on all His promises. He is not a man that would lie or go back on His Word. He is faithful and He is true always. We have seen many times that when one reaches a point of “no return”, when all hope seems lost, when one cannot feels that there is just no way out any more…. Keep on calling on the Lord, kneel at His feet, cry out to Him. He sees every tear and listens to every Word and provides the breakthrough.

Children of God…… you will be amazed when you see what God can do for you!

Glory to His Holy Name! God bless you all

Love in Christ

Colleen Wessels
Survivor for Christ Ministry

Francois and Prayer friends,

Op 27 Jan 2008 het ek 'n gebedsversoek ingestuur vir 'n vriendin van my, Mariaan se seuntjie Ruben, wat as 'n diabeet gediagnoseer is.

Vandag wil ek die Eer aan die Here gee dat hy 100% genees is. Die dokters het hom 'n paar keer getoets en sy suikertelling bly normaal. Die dokters is verbaas en kan nie glo dat dit gebeur het nie. Ons loof en prys Hom daarvoor. Dit verbaas ons glad nie, want ons weet wie die Groot Geneesheer is. Dit wys net weereens dat gebed 'n werklikheid is. Baie dankie aan almal wat vir Ruben gebid het.

God is Groot en Hy kom al die eer toe vir Ruben se genesing.

Lettie Slater
Louis Trichardt

Good morning all I just want to thank you for all your prayers and kind words from those who replied to me. My Mother in law called me eventually on a trivial note and I spoke to her about her attitude. She is not going to change that easily but at least I feel better knowing that God has given me the strength and courage to be kind to her and visit her.

My husband won't go to see her and she does not seem to care but God can do all things so I am trusting God for a miracle here. Thank you again. Please ask God to fill her heart with love for her son and that they will see each other again soon.

Thank you too to Franscois for an amazing website and I just know that he will go from strength to strength because he is doing the Lord's work.

Linda Hancock


Isn’t this amazing! Not only did we pray for this person a while ago through the website, but at the same time helped that her brother in Australia could find her through the website and we could connect them again.

I am attaching an e-mail that I received yesterday morning. Thank you very much

Marie Schoombie

----- Original Message -----
From: Shannon Booyens
To: withheld Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 7:39 AM
Subject: Yvonne Pretorius Dear Marie,

My name is Shannon Booyens. I am searching for the contact details of Yvonne and Boetie Pretorius. I did an internet search for their names and they came up on the website. If I have the right people in your testimonial, Yvonne is my Auntie.

I live in Australia and I am the daughter of her brother, Les Booyens. I need to contact them immediately regarding Les's health. My dad has lived in Australia for approximately 35 years and he is married to Sharyn Booyens, my mother of course. I have an older brother Joshua. Please, if possible could you forward this email to Yvonne and Boetie to confirm these details as this is URGENT.

My mobile number in Australia is (withheld). I do not know how to convert that with the country code etc. please feel free to contact me or pass my details onto Yvonne and Boetie. My father has told me that they may or have previously lived in Honeydew.

Thank you for your time.


Shannon Booyens.

February 8 2008

Hi Marie, Thank you so much for passing on my details to Yvonne. I spoke to her yesterday and it was the most amazing thing to speak to my family as I haven’t' since I was a young girl... Please forward my email address to her also as I would love to hear more about how she feels and vice versa.

God is great and I thank him everyday. My dads name is Les Booyens, he is only 61years old and he has cancer around his face and throat for the second time in 6 years.

We will not know the outcome and full extent of it until he returns to Australia in a couple of weeks (he works in Indonesia). Please keep him in your prayers. I am so grateful for your help.

Thank you and God bless.

Shannon xx

On 2/7/08, Marie Schoombie wrote:

Dear Shannon,

Isn't it amazing in what strange ways God is working with us?

I am so pleased that you located your family here in South Africa.

Would you please be as kind as to give me your father's details so that I can add him on the prayer list we placed Yvonne. We will be praying for your father for better health as well.

I think what has just happened to your family should be a testimony to a lot of people taking things for granted.

Kind Regards

Marie Schoombie

A story of seeing is believing,

This story is not a story to promote anybody or anything, but to make people understand that there are people in life that God called, for a great purpose and meaning, even in the hardest circumstances and this, those people, hope, faith, and love, is a testimony of God that is alive in us, He is real. There is a man I met, and his name is Francois Zietsman.

My name is Jenny Victor, from Usakos, Namibia. I’ve been recently in South Africa for the December holiday, visiting my daughter in Vanderbijlpark.

All prayer partners know of Francois, through the My Prayer Ministry.

Here was I in a foreign land, not the type of people I would say is people that I can relate to, because they are people of this world, and to be real honest, I had a battle to keep myself faithful in Christ. There were times I could not understand why I was there and what the purpose for it was.

All I know before I went, I would like to meat this man, from My Prayer Ministries; I had no idea how or where. After all South Africa is big, in my mind I hoped.

One day, one of those days I was nearly at my end of giving up any hope of understanding life and the meaning of my own life, and then a call came on my daughter’s phone. It was Francois, it just felt I could open up to him, there he talked to me and gave me hope and what happened? He lives in Vanderbijlpark too. Is that not God?

We arranged for a meeting after Christmas to meet in the Vaal Mall, at a coffee shop.

I really was at a low point, and but very excited to meet him. I didn’t know what to expect. I hope for those who met him, will feel the same as I did.

How many times do we as individually think we’ve got it all, and this is the worse thing that happened to me, well I was and afterwards I thought again? I even repented of self-righteousness. I had a good look of life again.

Here is this man in a wheelchair, with one leg one eye; he had a car accident when he was a child. And as you can say, anything that could go wrong did with him. The battle and things that happened to him from childhood to where he is today, is something I myself don’t think I would handled very well. I believe the world hid him hard and that the enemy of this world wants him dead or destroyed. He is alive today, and what does he do? He is a Man of Love, of Faith, of Hope to Others. He is a living testimony of Jesus Christ, through His blood, and through the Cross. This is God; this is reality of the true living Christ in us and in our lives.

Even My Prayer Ministries did not start for himself, but for his sister’s son, and now it is for all of us.

All I know that God called him for a great purpose and meaning, that is why I believe that prayers through his Ministry for others, prayers for this Ministry and for him from others must become part of your daily prayer life and that the Ministry would grow and increase greatly.

My request is today that people would pray for Francois and the Ministry. So that his testimony, of Love, Hope and Faith can reach the whole World and touch every body’s heart.

I thank you Francois Zietsman, you meant a lot to me, you truly give me new hope, faith and love from Christ Jesus, for my life and my Ministry.

Stay that way, do not change, God loves you, He truly loves you. With all my love and great wishes for you and your family in 2008.

Your sister in Christ

Jenny Victor
Theresa Victor (Sister)

Good Morning All

First of all I want to thank GOD for HE is so awesome. Last year September 2007 I sent a prayer request to Francois and he posted it on the website and it was so amazing how people prayed and encouraged me in a difficult time financially. I went through a very bad patch and I managed to stay afloat with prayers from all over. I made it by GOD"S grace and with people HE sent my way so thank you all off you.

I am glad to say that GOD changed my life around completely since then I have moved to Douglas in December 2007. I received prophetic word and didn’t think much at the time only that it will happen somewhere in the future and let me tell you it came to pass sooner than I thought. GOD worked through my pastor in a very difficult time and HE told me that my days of hardship financially are over and things are going to get better well it has been better and better. I am stopping work 31 January 2008 because I found someone who loves me and wants me and my boys and I prayed so much about this because I have allot of friends and family that are staying behind. My job was a big issue for even though I didn’t earn enough for rent and my car but GOD came through and HE told me that HE will provide and I am so excited because I feel like something is waiting for me in Douglas.

When I say this I mean I know GOD sent me there to work for HIM and I cannot wait to get there to see what HE has planned for me......I am ready for HIM to mould me now I am ready to use the spirit HE poured out on me and to take the responsibility to do the work that needs to be done. Thank you for this website and every person that prays and listens to GOD's voice because GOD needs us to do the work and to reach out to people in need never stop listening become still and know HE is our FATHER and our GOD.

Thank you God for loving us so much that you never stop listening to us and that You know us inside and out I praise your name and I love you.

I feel I need to say this we ask to hear GOD'S voice and then HE speaks and we run to others to ask their opinions but GOD says you need to be confident of yourself and to trust HIM and yourself......this was one of my answers I received and I have decided since then it is GOD and me and I trust in HIM every day for HE promised me in His word that HE will provide in all my needs. Please, if this was meant for you please trust HIM HE is in control.


Cynthia van der Sandt.

Hello Francois,

I just want to thank you Francois, for your encouragement and care, your phonecalls during my difficult time. This website that you opened for us all...I know God has put you there with a definite be there for us all.

I have this testimony but I first wanted to thank you for the website and for everyone that prayed with me, those who contacted me via e.mail...that is the only way I could keep on going though it was not easy. I received a prophetic word when I least expected it and no I know God is at work in my life...I trust Him completely and I have decided to move to Douglas after much prayer. I am exited because I know God has work for me there. I have already connected with Christian-network (our church) and I want to get involved. I just pray that I will hear God's voice clearly but I trust that the Holy Spirit will guide me...please pray with me for I will not be able to keep in touch for a while untill I can have a Computer at my new house. I have my cell phone no in the meantime.

Francois, thank you again for everything..God bless you and I pray that everything that you do, will succeed, that you will be are so special to God.

Do you know the cd of Juanita...Vlieg hoog? Listen to no 5 on that cd....that is for you

Love you lots LIC ( Love in Christ)


Well what can I say? After I left my wife I were jobless, broke and no car. I landed in a disastrous relationship. For 2 years I were depressed like an overripe tomato. Until one day when I decided to call Jesus Christ. He heard me. Soon I had a job and before I had a payslip I had a car to go to work and visit my children with.

Thank You Father Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me so richly. Thank You 4 Ur unconditional Love.

Bless everyone who reads this. In Jesus Name. Amen!

Gawie Janse van Rensburg

Hi Francois,

Prys die Here, die uitslag van die toets vanmore het onomwonde bewys my man Johan was onskuldig aan diefstal. Ongelukkig weet ons nie wat nou met ons gaan gebeur nie want dit wil voorkom of die winkeleienaar nog nie tevrede is nie, net so asof hy wou gehad het dit moet Johan wees en niemand anders nie. Ons het 'n sterk vermoede dat daar meer agter alles is as wat ons van weet.

Toe Johan na die uitslag vir hom sê dat honderde mense vir ons gebid het, het hy hom net die Here weet wat die uiteinde van al hierdie dinge gaan wees. Gelukkig vertrou ek Hom volkome met ons lewens en die pad wat Hy vir ons beplan. Dit is wat so amazing is van 'n chirsten wees ( my dogter wat in die ongeluk was se geliefde aanhaling) ons weet Hy het ons tot hier gebring en sal ons nie nou alleen los nie! Ek kan nie wag om te sien wat Hy vir ons beplan nie.

Baie dankie ook vir die pragtige telefoon boodskap vanoggend. Ons was baie angstig. Dit was net op die regte tyd gewees. Die kol op my maag wat ek al vir 3 weke gehad het, is vanaand weg, maar ek is kwaad vir daai man wat ons deur so 'n trauma laat gaan het. Bid dat ek nie so kwaad sal wees nie en dat ek die krag sal kry om vir hom te kan bid. Ek kan nog nie. Ek is so getraumatiseer dat ek nie kan eet nie.

Mag die Here die wonderlike werk wat julle doen seen.

God seen jou en jou familie.

Juliana De Villiers

This e-mail was sent to myprayer by accident although we believe that the Lord planned it that way.

Hi Francois Praise the Lord, my husband was found innocent of fraud...we do not know what is going to happen now for the owner of business still wants to get rid of my husband - we actually believe that there is much more behind the scenes.

When my husband told the owner that many people were praying for us, he was so rude so, only the Lord knows what the end result will be. Fortunately we trust the Lord completely to guide our steps...that is what makes 'being a Christian' so amazing. We know that the Lord has brought us so far and He will take us all the way.. we ar so curious to see what the Lord plans for us. It was realy a tough time for us all...I am still very much hurt by all of this, I can hardly pray or eat...I can not yet pray for that man but I trust the Lord to change my feelings towards him.

Thank you for your prayers, we need it very much,

may God bless the wonderfull work that you do.


Hi everybody,

Today I have a grateful heart and joys in heart that make me cry! Last week we received the news that we lost R8000.00, not because of other people but because of our over spending and you know I want so sad and I thought to myself there is still 6 weeks away until next pay-day!

But today I am sending this email with a grateful heart, because the Lord made me realize that it’s not money that is going to take me to heaven and the more money we have the less we pray and there is millions of people out there that have worst situations than me and you know I am grateful today for the little I have because there is people that have nothing! When I go thro the requests and I see how situation is keeping us as Christian down, I want to just go mad because we are the children of God but if we didn’t have all the circumstances in our lives we would not pray and communicate as much if God as today in our situation.

I am grateful for the website and all the people that pray for me and that I can pray for and everyday I realize that God has more in store for us it’s only a matter of time! I am grateful for all the wonders God made and for another Christ-birth we can share with family and friends, have a Blessed Festive Season!

Lee Julius

Hi everybody,

I received some great and unbelievable news yesterday.

My mom went for her check up to the oncologist, and they could not find the cancer. Her blood tests came back clean. It seems that the oncologist was wrong and he even said that he is amazed with what he saw. The radiation must have done the trick. He told her that he gave her 5 months to live last time he saw her, but it seems that God has given her years to live……

I know what brought on this change – prayer. All my friends and family that prayed for my mom…..thank you, I can’t thank you enough.

Mom must still carry on with the chemo for two years as they must try and kill whatever traces are left in her body and stop this monster from trying to grow again, but no radiation for now. Yippee!!!!!

The past year has been possibly the worst time in my life seeing my mom so weak and sick, I know that the only thing that carried, my mom and our family through this trying time is the love, support and faith of all of you and God’s grace.

I want to ask you - please don’t stop praying now, we still have a long road ahead of us with mom’s continued chemo therapy. But we will manage and never stop fighting.


Lee de Sousa

Little Matthew Craukamp, who was seriously bitten by his bulldog "Boela" about three weeks ago, has finally arrived home after intensive treatment in hospital.

The wounds on his head and neck are looking a lot better although he is still undergoing physiotherapy and counseling. He is getting spoiled a lot and got a beautiful bicycle and helmet from his school friends. Here we really experienced the power of prayer, seeing that he was rushed to the Cecilia Makiwane hospital in East London in a very critical condition. His parents want to thank everyone for everything that has been done for him, and is still being done.

Charlotte van der Berg

2nd Testimony

I would really like to testify on the air, about what happened in my life. On 18.06.05 I was christened in the Jordan, where the Holy Ghost was slightly poured over me. Last year on 13.08.06, I woke up the Sunday morning at about 4.30 with God calling me to go more into ministry. That night He confirmed it with me scriptural in 4 places.

While working at the previous Emmaus walk, I strongly experienced God’s presence while praying for one of the pilgrims. Next moment I was on my knees in front of the bed, I started shaking as the Holy Ghost was poured over me. That Sunday night while I was thanking God for the weekend it He again poured Himself over me and I uncontrollably started shaking again for almost half an hour long.

This now happens quite often, and He continuously speaks to me. At one stage Satan made me wise that it was him and I asked God to send me a sign to proof that it was Him and not Satan. About 5 hours later, while I was sleeping, the Holy Ghost came over me so that I actually woke up from shaking. The power was off that night but my bedroom was brightly lightened up!!!

He gave me the gift of profession, as well as Prayer. He shows me clearly for whom I must pray, and while I lay my hands on them the Holy Ghost gets poured over them. It also looks like He gave me the gift of healing, as many people who I prayed for came to me and told me that they are healed.

In the beginning of July I went to Macia in Mozambique to do mission work, and I was fasting for 40 days before I went. I asked God to bless me before I go and only two weeks thereafter, while I was using communion at the local Methodist Church, it happened for the first time in public. The minister told the people about my calling and blessed me thereafter. As a member of the NG Church, my reverend also blessed me the Sunday before my departure.

God showed me that when you ask you will receive. Much more than just what you ask for. The prayer of Jabez came true in my life. I also added my testimony to the Prayer room of “Leef” and got unbelievable response. I believe that God also wanted me to add it to this webpage.

I see myself as a very blessed and privileged woman. Even though I am just a normal human being He chose ME! He showed me to spread His Word worldwide, and I do believe that this is a step in the right direction.

If you want to contact me my cell phone number is: 083 528 4246

Blessed wishes
Charlotte van der Berg

I received my divorce summons for divorce last week, and was very upset.

My Husband said that he did not love me anymore and that it was for the best. I have been praying for my marriage and doing all that I could to save it.

Through all the prayers I have received my Husband told me that he does not want the divorce to go through anymore and that he wants to work out things. God is good and answers all prayers in his timing. I know that we still have along way to go and lots of things to sort out, but i know that my husband and I will soon be reunited and he will come home and be a good husband and a good father. Please still keep us in your prayers. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my family.

Dalene Brown

Thank you very much – out of my heart

Good morning Francois

My name is Marcelle Engelbrecht and my life is wonderful.

At first – I want to go as far as to say, thanks to the cancer they diagnosed by me on the 11/10/2007, and that was removed on the 17/10/2007, my life, and my view on it and my relationship with God changed for the good: I was literally on my back and could only look up!

Secondly, your Prayer action played a big role:

My first meeting with it was when my colleague and friend ( Marie Schoombee ) lifted me up when my son – Marius – (after a failed relationship), moved back home. Yes, there was an incident of two where my tongue could’ve got the overhand – BUT IT DID NOT HAPPEN. I got the insight and right words to act in the correct way and to answer bitingly did not even come up to me. Even Marius’s actions and handlings towards me is totally different, and I know to God all the HONOR! The relationship between my son and I are now touchable and I am so glad that we found ourselves before the time and was not pressured to become close to one another because of the cancer – diagnose!

I do not even have enough fingers to count of how many times he said out of his own that he loves me!!!

Back to the operation: At about 11h00 on 17/10/2007 – to theatre, and this past Wednesday back on the move: feels so good – had hardly any pain and almost felt no discomfort by the turn of my neck. On the evening of the operation the pipes were already removed from my neck, the drip was out, as well as the stuff around my legs (for blood circulation). The wound was under no circumstances warm or even slightly swollen. Only a slight feeling around the wound reminded me of what I went through. My gratefulness has no limits:

- The turnover in my life by discovering the knob in my neck was overdue by many years
- The operation that went so well – and the “clean” diagnose thereafter
- My wonderful network of caring people (work, home and family)
- Your prayer action, and then your phone call to Marie – thanks so much Francois

I know now that the Lord knows about me, is busy working in me, and that I am now at the best place (always have been), AT HIS FEET.

For the first time in my life, WITH MY WHOLE LIFE/BEING, I know now that there is a living GOD, and I am going to hang onto Him, Praise Him and Honor Him – Everyday for the rest of my life.

Then lastly: Within the next month there will be ten laser treatments ahead of me. Two per week for five weeks. I have no hysterical breakdowns or even crying sessions. Also I don’t have any angriness towards God or even asked “WHY ME?” Why should I get frightened of a little nauseas ness?

In spite of what happened, I repeat my incoming words: My life is wonderful and I have so much to be thankful for. The two wounds in my neck (one where the biopsy was done, the other where my thyroid gland was removed), I refuse to feel self conscious about: it is going to testify for the second chance God gave me, and I grabbed it on with both my hands.

The mercy of God is so big – even for ME!

Thank you again for the amazing work you do, Francois.


I just want to say thank you very very much to you all for all your prayers for Hester Maree. Yesterday she was admitted clean from cancer. It proved to me that miracles do still happen and that our Heavenly Father still look after us. Before the incident I wasn’t very strong in my belief, but after what happened I became a very strong Christian and Praise and thank God everyday. For everyone who needs God I just want to say that He truly do exist and that He loves and cares for us all with His whole heart. Praise the Heavenly Father for everything He does for me and gives to me. I really do pray for everyone in need and believe that God will make the right decision for you.

Love and Greetings
Gordon Loretz

All honor and Thanks to God. He is the Light and the Truth. He is our Healer. JESUS IS ALIVE!!!

Good day to you all. More information about my cousin Bianca.

Bianca’s mom took her to a Government Hospital Tuesday evening after Bianca started getting a lot of pain again. The doctor did some more tests and discovered that there are bleeding in Bianca’s womb. When a woman starts her menstruation cycle there is a sort of skin that should tear before the bleeding starts in the beginning, now Bianca’s skin didn’t, now all the bleeding from her monthly menstruation were immediately streaming to Bianca’s womb and from there to the ovaries.

Early Wednesday morning they operated on her and cut the skin and pumped all the bleeding out of her womb.

Bianca immediately was sent home where she slept the whole day from the anaesthetic that was still not worked out. She is now at home and at least got medication.

I just want to thank the Lord for looking after her so dearly and for holding her hand during the operation. But I please want you all to keep on praying for her, she still needs everyone’s prayer for the pain to leave her and that the Lord will fully heal her.

I will keep you updated on her healing process. She is still in a lot of pain but most of the pain is now relieved. The Lord looked after her so nicely and it makes my heart happy to see how the Lord heals His children with a lot of prayer and lots of hope. Thank you all who prayed so nicely for her, The Lord will really bless you all very well and just know that when someone is in need the Lord will be there.

Thank you, very much, the Lord truly loves you all very very much. Jesus Love

Lenie Lombard


I received the website’s address from a family member.

How wonderful it was to read about everybody’s Prayer requests and testimonies.

For months I have been sending out prayer requests, and today I can testify that 9 months after my husband wanted a divorce, we are together again. In that time I suffered a lot. Emotionally and financially. But I carried on praying. I have met so many friends in the prayer room that I couldn’t last a day without them. When I was feeling down I e-mailed or phoned them and they supported me and also taught me about the most important person in my life: JESUS.

That is why today I can testify that nothing or nobody can change your situation, there is only ONE and He is Jesus. All the praise and honor to our Father. I learned that prayer is very powerful, and that God will in His own time, and according to His own Will, will change me and hear my prayer. Thank you for this prayer room and to everyone who prayed for us. I still pray for you all everyday and may He bless you in richness.

Deseray Lubbe

I want to praise the Lord with my whole heart and ask that He will bless each and everyone that opened my prayer request. Thank You Jesus for all Your children that prayed with me. God is so true.

The atmosphere in the office totally changed and the gossiper was taken under hand. It is wonderful to go to work.

Thank YOU Jesus thank YOU, after six and a half years I can also live by my work. My cup is running over with joy for my Maker.

Thank You

I want to thank God for the miracle He performed in my life. I'm a pastor and my husband left us a while ago and was gone for 34 days.

I the saw a prayer line in the Kalahari news about MyPrayer's website and I added my prayer request on 13 September 2007. I asked for prayers an God answered all the prayer, because my husband is back and it's better than ever.

All glory to God our soon coming King.


Hi there, I recently joined your website. I note that you encourage people to share regarding their prayer needs and also testimonies. Well I have been praying about mine for a long while and wanting to share it but the time never seemed right. Then yesterday the Holy Spirit began talking to me about it again and right now again so I hope you don't mind but here is my story.

On the night of July 23rd 2001 I went to bed and had a dream. In the dream I had woken up to find a huge snake black with green spots lying on the left side of my body. When I looked into the eyes of the snake I saw clearly Satan and he told me that my soul was his.

Well I had news for him. In the meanwhile also in the dream my husband was awake and terrified. Slowly he got out of bed and went to get help.

A little later the fire department arrived and tried to prize the snake from my face as the snake had by now stuck his fangs into my left cheek and was systematically pouring his venomous poison into my body. However, they could not and only succeed in cutting the body at the neck then they were able to remove his head. I was taken to a hospital where I was met by a surgeon - tall man, with tortoise shell glasses, such kind eyes and so wonderfully calm and encouraging.

He put me to sleep. After I woke up, all this still in my dream, he the surgeon, was standing over me, smiling, saying that all the poison was gone but that I would now need some therapy that would just clinch the healing. I woke up and it was morning.

I called and emailed all my Christian friends who could not tell me what this meant. Then on the night of 24 July 2001 I went to bed and had another dream.

In this dream, I woke up but this time the snake had yellow spots and was lying on my husband's left side. I stared at the snake who dared me to move and boy did I ever. I ordered him out of our lives and as he moved to strike I hit him full blast with my pillow. He fell off the bed and slithered back on coming to rest under my feet where I crushed him. Again the next day nobody could tell me what the dream meant. On the morning of July 25th I awoke with a pounding headache. It refused to budge despite several attempts at Panodo and Granpa powders. On the 1st August my bosses wife suggested I go see the gynecologist as she said it sound hormonal. The headache was still with me all this time.

I called and arranged an appointment for 6 August 2001 at 8.00am. I arrived and was ushered into the examination cubicle. The doctor listened to my story, also a wonderful Christian, shook his head and began his examination.

He told me that it was time I had my first mammogram. Oh really I thought, I had heard so many bad things about that - it was not going to happen. After the examination the doctor gave me a slip of paper inviting me to go over the building across from his rooms and make an appointment. I wasn't going to but as I was about to leave I caught something in his expression that changed my mind.

I spoke to his nurse who called to see when I could get an appointment. Amazingly, they were bored and waiting for someone to come over and were prepared to take me immediately. So off I went. At 8.40am I had the mammogram and was left in the room while the radiographer went to develop the film. I began to pray and saw a mammogram with a woman's breast showing breast cancer. I knew even before I was called to have the scan that I had breast cancer. I prayed some more and the voice of the Lord came to me saying "Do not be afraid I will never leave you nor forsake you." I went in for the scan. At 9.10am I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the LEFT breast. I hurried back to my gynae who was waiting for me - he did not seem flustered nor surprised. He took me down the corridor to his friend, the surgeon, who would beseeing to me.

He was the man in my dream. He beamed at me and told me he could see Angels all around me. I was taken aback. He showed me the mammogram and there it was. The smallest little lump that may never have been detected had it not been for the astuteness of my gynae. I later learned from a complete stranger that this doctor had won Silver and Gold awards all over the world because he had saved so many lives.

I went into hospital the following morning and the lump was removed - Praise God I did not lose my breast. While I lay recovering from the operation, in the early hours of the Friday morning, I had the op on the Wednesday, Jesus came to stand at my side - he did not speak but the gentle swishing of his robe woke me up - he reached out and took my body and gave it to the Angel on His left and then turning to the Angel on His right side took another body and placed it on the bed. I remember being so startled because I looked down and momentarily there was no body - no arms nothing.. then a new body. The word of the Lord came to me "Daughter you are healed"

So many things have happened to me since that time - I have a lot to share but for now I want to encourage anyone facing anything right now, right here today, that the God we serve is an AWESOME GOD with Him nothing is impossible - he can and will heal you - as you so rightly stated in a prayer earlier on this week we need to take authority over anything that is not from God because every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is LORD and cancer will bow, depression will bow, diabetes will bow, fear will bow and the list is endless.

The Lord has also reminded me that even in my hours of loneliness or worry He has prepared a table for us and will anoint us with oil in the presence of our enemies. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that it will help someone else. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Just contact me.

God Bless you and your ministry.


Hi Everybody.

I just want to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, for He is truly great and mercifull. A while back I posted a prayer request on behalf of my schoolfriend Madelein and her husband, Johann. They have been married for nine years and could'nt fall pregnant. Last year she had a miscarridge at 11 weeks.

We have lost contact over th years and by mistake I called her. (If I think about it now,it was definitly not a mistake but God working in His wonderfull ways). She told me about the miscarridge and the heartache of not having a baby. I then helped her to get on the waiting list to adopt a child.

Last night she phoned me, very excited!!!, telling me that she is pregnant and baby is due May 2008. Praise to God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM.

We are still praying for them,that everything will work out and in a few months time they will have a baby.


Love in Jesus
Lome le Roux

I would like to to give all the thanks to OUR LORD , and to each and everyone that prayed for our Mom which was healed. My sister and her husband is visiting them , as I write this , and they are breathless . I spoke to my Dad last night (25 August 2007) as well as my Mom and sister and it is as if there were never a problem. The LORD is absolutely fantastic and All THE PRAISE AND GLORY To OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. !!!!!!

Thanks Francois for giving us the opportunity to share and pray for others. May GOD Bless you and your Family.

Thanks to each and every one for your prayers. GOD BLESS.

Kind Regards
Andre Koekemoer

I would like to say a huge thank you to all who have prayed for my friend Shannalee. She is doing much better now, since her heart stopped 2 weeks ago and she was revived. She says that she is going to go back into her ministry and carry on!!

Praise the Lord, as a couple of days prior to her heart stopping she didn’t want to talk or know about anything scriptural – now, she is wanting to continue with her ministry!!! I give God ALL the GLORY and PRAISE as the devil tried to take her but FAILED and GOD SUCCEEDED!! PRIASE YOU JESUS – YOU ARE KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS and we are just so awed by your prescence.


PS. Just and update on my friend Shannalee – about half an hour ago (23 August 2007 - 13:00) her boyfriend accepted CHRIST!!!! ALL GLORY GOES TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!! HALLELUGHA! PRAISE HIM TO THE HIGHEST!!

Colleen McAlpine

I send out a prayer request on the 9 Aug 2007 for people to pray for my life so I can go on after an abuse engagement.

I was very sad and feel like I don’t want go on, but now I feel like a new person again, God send the man back into my life I Don’t know why, but I know God will not send him back to me without a reason, we as two different people must just work on Our love for each other and our love to God. So for every body out there if you think everything goes wrong in you life, God knows The best for you. That way I prays God and said Thank You with all my heart. Just put all your trust in God and believe withouta doubt.

God’s Bless
Rosa Parkin

On the 16th February this year our daughter Lauren, one of five year old twins, was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumour. We were told at the time that the tumour was fast growing, inpenetrable, attached to the brain stem and inoperable. Basically she was given a death sentence, a few weeks to live, at best a few months. Needless to say, we were devastated, but decided almost immediately that we were not taking this lying down. We almost lost our precious little girls when I was pregnant (at 24 weeks), and by the Grace of God (medically speaking the doctors had no answers!) they were born perfectly normal beautiful little girls at 34 weeks! These two girls serve a purpose on this Earth!

We put all our Faith and Trust in the Lord, and it is only through His Grace that Lauren is healing.

On 5 May, Lauren had a relapse (side effects of radiation) and doctors, once again, held out no hope. The swelling on Lauren's brain was severe and she also had dangerous amounts of fluid on the brain. The pressure was just too much on her little body. We were given only days, as her throat was paralyzed and doctors feared that she would just stop breathing. Two days later Lauren woke up and asked for food! All praise to the Lord!

We were referred to a doctor who works 'miracles with children who have cancer' (she is a child of God!) and starting chemo almost immediately. We felt we were being led by the Lord, despite being told that chemo would not work for Lauren's type of tumour (and our medical aid refuses to pay for the treatment!)


We have long way to go, but we know now that the Lord is with us every step of the way, and is protecting our precious little girl and healing her every day. God is good and we just need to open our hearts to Him and He is there. He protects us and He heals us, we just need to allow Him to do so!

Thank you to everyone that has been praying for Lauren. The support we have received has been overwhelming and has really touched our hearts. Please keep her in your prayers.

God bless
Kim and Billy Neumann

Dear All

Here is some feedback on the crusade

5 Day Crusade at Nabweru Public Grounds – Kampala, Uganda.

A life-changing message crusade!

Praise the Lord for an AWESOME Crusade!! Between 5 000 and 20 000 people attended the Crusade every day. Notwithstanding the floods and rainy weather people still came. The Holy Spirit was tangibly present and God confirmed His Word through signs and wonders! Many got healed and there were testimonies of the lame that walked, eyesight being restored, back ache, headaches, alcohol addiction and tumors disappearing, all in Jesus mighty Name! Many got delivered from demon possession and thousands confirmed and gave their lives to Christ. The last day when I started reading from the Word people started manifesting and one possessed man charged towards me. The security stopped him two meters away from me. We also had the privilege to meet with the mayor of Entebbe and the Chairman of the district who is a very senior member in politics. We were able to pray with them before they left.

As we will be starting to train pastors and evangelists as from January 2008 I also did some groundwork amongst pastors. Many in Uganda would like to register for the Diploma but cannot afford the fees. We will be looking for sponsors for their course fees.

We are now looking forward to our mini crusade in Senegal in November 2007. Please pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people and that He would confirm His Word and that many would be saved! Hallelujah Praise the Lord! All glory belongs to Him!

Thanks a million to all who prayed for the Crusade. Your prayers were answered!

Yours in Christ
Andries Pelser


Where is the beginning of God’s goodness if there is no end? I can only say God has been very good to me…He gave me a second chance in life. Luckily God knows my heart and knows that I will always be thankful to Him for all He has done for me in my life. I was in a serious motorbike accident on June 23, 2007, I was taken to Medi Clinic in Vereeniging, and hereafter they flew me per helicopter to Milpark Trauma ICU in Johannesburg, where I was admitted for nearly a month.

On July 19 I was released from hospital, and still doctors can’t believe I am alive and healed so quickly – but I know that it is God who saved my life and healed me so fast that even the best of doctors is stunned.

My skull was broken, I had a hole in my head, broken pelvis, 5 ribs broken, left wrist very badly crushed, left thumb was broken, my right knee was broken, cross ligament half broken, and 4 very serious neck fractures. As soon as I landed at Milpark, they put my neck in traction and did the first operation on my left wrist. After that five operations followed in a short period. On June 26, I stopped breathing, my parents and doctors told me that they have struggled approximately half an hour to pull me back, I was blue already, but they did manage to revive me which they certainly couldn’t do on their own…God was with them, and helped them to get me back because God knew it was not my time.

Serious and unbroken prayers all over the world reached Gods throne and God grabbed in. The very next morning they did brain scans and reflex tests to make sure no damage was caused, and as God is good, everything was 100%.

However my condition was very serious and things didn’t look well, my parents and other Christians knew that God is in control and that what looks impossible for us, is possible by God.

Luckily my parents took photo’s from me every third day so that I can see what I looked like, because otherwise I wouldn’t have known how serious I was and also would have known how badly hurt I was.

At this stage, it is only my neck and my wrist that is a bit of a concern, but I believe that this will also be 100% after 6 weeks because God is good. In December 2005 I was diagnosed with brain cancer (tumour of 4½ by 4cm), that was also a very traumatic experience for me and my family. I had radiation, and by February 2007, I was tested clean. No cancer whatsoever…again PRAISE GOD!

I am very thankful if I look back at all the traumatic experiences that we as a family had, and say thanks to God for the times he carried us and helped us through, without Him my family and I would have gone nuts. I also must admit that all the prayers from all over the world, my parents, my family, my friends…it all helped me to recover this well. In this time during my hospitalisation, Shaun from Soldiers for Jesus came to visit me on July 12, and he prayed for me and we spoke about Jesus, and at that point, I have decided to give my heart to Jesus in new. Praise the Lord because there is no end to His goodness. Thanks to everybody that was praying for me during this time, and still are. We must never stop praying because that is all that works, God is mighty! I now know that God NEVER leaves our hand, it ‘s US sometimes leaving His hand…Always take Jesus’s hand and walk with HIM!!!

Danie Van Rooyen (Jnr) (Daantjie)

THANK YOU TO ALL for your prayers and kind words during this difficult time – my Nephew Werner Lotter’s operation for the pace maker was a success although his heart stopped on the operating table. He heart is functioning at 35% and getting stronger, he was having fits after the operation and doctors did a brain scan – Praise God, they found nothing as they were expecting maybe a blood clot.

He was released from hospital yesterday 7 August 2007, doctors say that he may have done up some damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain when his heart stopped during operation, they are not sure if the damage is permanent, but the improvements in speech, coordination, memory and recovery suggest that everything will be better soon.

I serve a great God and I believe that what a doctor says is not what God says, I know Werner will make a full recovery and I thank you all for your prayers. Matthew 18:19 says: “And I tell you more: whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them”.

Genevieve Summerbee-Pretorius